With a solid recovery in the real estate market, the Chinese government would probably not continue the measures unveiled last October to boost the property sector amid the global financial crisis.
China should keep home prices from long time "abnormal increases" and divert profits made from home price hikes to the public through taxation.
Editor’s Note
  • ·"Land King" is a newly coined word in Chinese to mock real estate developers who pay the highest price to buy a piece of land in a certain geographic area. It became the new buzzword when Dalong Estate acquired a parcel of residential land in Beijing for 5.05 billion yuan (739 million U.S. dollars), the highest land transfer price ever in the capital city's public auction.
  • ·Someone summarize rules of China's real estate market game as “Buy Land, Sleep, Wake Up, and Make Money”.
  • ·Is this true?

Sizzling Real Estate Market

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