HU: "Both China and the United States should oppose and resist protectionism in all forms in an even stronger stand."
OBAMA: "It is a strategy where America saves more, spends less, reduces our long-term debt and where China makes adjustments across a broad range of policies to rebalance its economy and spur domestic demand."
Highlights of the joint statement

Cooperation emphasized

"Sino-U.S. cooperation can play a unique role in advancing the establishment of the new international political and economic order, as well as promoting world peace, stability and prosperity."
--Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao [more]
"China will continue to implement the policies to adjust economic structure, raise household incomes, expand domestic demand and reform its social security system...The United States is committed to returning the federal budget deficit to a sustainable path and pursuing measures to encourage private saving."--The Joint Statement [more]

Protectionism "does no good"

"Under the current circumstances, the two countries should more resolutely oppose and resist trade protectionism in any form."
--Chinese President Hu Jintao [more]
"China and the United States should work together to fight against protectionism in trade and investment."
--Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao [more]
"The United States and China are important trade partners for each other, which has brought huge benefits to both countries, while trade protectionism does no good to either side."
--U.S. President Barack Obama [more]

Hi-tech export limites to be "re-examined"

The United States should restrictions on its export of hi-tech products to China as soon as possible.
--Chinese President Hu Jintao [more]
"US President Barack Obama has asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and relevant agencies to re-examine the nation's limits on hi-tech equipment shipped to China."
--US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke [more]
(Restrictions) "indeed affected unbalanced Sino-US trade ties" and "strongly restrained the competitiveness of US-made products."--Yao Jian, spokesman of the MOFCOM [more]

Climate issue focused

"The two sides should take the launch of the joint clean energy research center as a turning point and deepen cooperation on energy saving, emissions reduction, renewable energy and treatment of environmental pollution."
--Chinese President Hu Jintao [more]
"Unless both of our countries are willing to take critical steps in dealing with this issue (climate change), we will not be able to resolve it."
--U.S. President Barack Obama [more]