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"Regarding the influence of global media, it is undeniable that the voice of Western media is still relatively stronger than the voice of Asian media," said Guan Xinguo, a deputy director of the Editor in Chief's Office of the Xinhua News Agency.
Industrial production in East Asian economies has returned to or exceeded pre-crisis level and conditions are favorable for speeding up economic and trade cooperation in East Asia, said Yi Xiaozhun, vice minister of Ministry of Commerce during the Ten Plus Three Media Cooperation Forum held in Tianjin, northeastern China's port city, on Wednesday.
On the forum
  • ·Date: April 17th to 24th , 2010
    ·Place: Shanghai, Tianjin & Beijing, China
    ·Organizer: People's Daily
    ·Host: Binhai New Area Government of Tianjin & Tianjin Daily News Group
    ·Theme: Experience 2010 Shanghai Expo, Jointly Build an East Asian Family
    ·1.Deepening Mutual Beneficial Cooperation, Seeking for Regional Development
    ·2.Gathering at Expo, Witnessing Diverse and Rich Cultures
    ·3.Cooperating in Reporting the Expo, Sharing the Asian Grand Event

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The First/Second 10+3 Media Cooperation Forum