"Bans" concerning the people's interests should be considered carefully
Before the leader makes a decision, he should consider it carefully, has he fully heard the opinions of the masses or has he fully considered the interests of the masses?
. Papers cry foul as they are shunted off subway
. "Bans" concerning the people's interests should be considered carefully
. Subway paper ban irks locals
. Newspapers cry foul over Beijing subway ban
. Subway newspaper ban smacks of profitable market monopoly

The "Ban" meet with much criticism after it came out. Someone pointed out that the reason of "security considerations" is not tenable. Others argued that the "Ban" only allowed the distribution of the Beijing Daily Messenger, it seems like a monopoly.
Abouit the "ban"

A survey of the "ban" by People's Daily Online had a total of 31,893 participants by at 11:30 pm on January 13.
■ 71.9 percent or 22,927 netizens chose "support the new regulations, safety is the most important"
■ 20.9 percent or 6,667 netizens chose "cultivate the habit of reading newspapers, the ban will be an inconvenience"
■ 6.6 percent or 2,098 netizens chose "the ‘ban’ only allows the distribution of one newspaper, this is a monopoly"
■ 0.6 percent or 201 netizens chose "other views"