Warming and the "show"
Reporter: Since the UN General Assembly started negotiations on "The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" in 1990, action on international climate governance were pushed forward continuously. Some one even said that 2010 would be the year of climate diplomacy.

Expert: UN climate talks have experienced a difficult period for 20 years since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was established in 1988. In 2009, the clouds of Copenhagen climate talks have left lots of intricate mysteries. So, I think that climate diplomacy can not be cool but will only heat up in 2010. more>>
Differences and Transactions
Reporter:If we say that we still stand on the stage of climate concept creations and regulations at present, is it feasible that the new mechanisms for multilateral cooperation can be realized? Are there any difficulties?

Expert: The government-led mechanisms of positive interaction with enterprises' participation and market operation should be established as well. It also should be ensured that developing countries can use climate-friendly technologies. more>>
Fairness, "MRV" and the multilateral cooperation
Reporter: Equity and efficiency are two basic principles of international cooperation. While, a multilateral cooperation mechanism will bring challenges to the sovereignty of each country, what are the relationships and conflicts between them?

Expert: At present, to implement measurable, reportable and verifiable (MRV) mitigation action on emissions reduction in developing countries has this kind of problems and conflicts. more>>
Emission reduction and Hegemony
Reporter: As international cooperation on climate change is added with political, diplomatic, economic factors, climate change has gone deep into all aspects of international relations. When will climate theory from the international relations perspective come into being?

Expert: As the in-depth negotiation activities and the establishment of an international treaty, lots of studies related to climate change in economics, social sciences, foreign affairs and political relations came into being. With a large number of practical activities via international cooperation, the correlation of theories have been greatly enriched and developed.more>>
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United Nations Climate Conference 2009

World leaders from 192 countries will attend the 15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from Dec. 7 to 18 in Copenhagen.

The conference is expected to renew greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets set by the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol, the first stage of which is to expire in 2012. It is also expected to outline the post-2012 negotiation path.

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