China's Spring Festival travel peak arrives
China on Saturday began its annual mass passenger transportation for the traditional Lunar New Year, with an expected 2.54 billion journeys in the coming 40 days.
Railway transport

The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway with the world's fastest train journey at a 350-km-per-hour designed speed, started operation Saturday.

Anti-forgery train tickets

Real-name train tickets

China will pilot a system requiring train travelers to buy tickets with their own personal IDs to crack down on hoarding by scaplers during the annual transportation peak.Traveler's name and ID card number will be printed on the ticket, and ID card is also necessary for boarding.
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Train tickets booking

The 2010 Spring Festival peak transport booking period will start from January 30 to March 10, lasting for 40 days. It's estimated that 210 million passengers will travel by railway, 18.2 million more passengers than last year equating to a 9.5 percent increase year on year.
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