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Cyber manipulation emerges
Nowadays, Internet has played a significant role in our life. However, would you still be interested in what Internet says if the information happened to come from nowhere, especially for those hot topics in BBS? More >>>
50% hot topics manipulated by Cyber Mafia?
Lv Benfu, an Internet economist,said that normally a hot topic could only be public focus for three days, it would be abnormal if the period lasted more than three days.
20 thousands yuan could manipulate public opinions?
“20 or 30 thousands yuan would make the attack possible. Within two weeks, the topics will be posted on different forums and appear in the first pages of or”
Legislation Loophole
Though some company can win a suit following legislative procedure, netizens have already seen the negative news in this period. This will do great harm to the company's brand, even make it lose market share.
Cyber Mafia Case Studies

New Oriental Case

Cyber Mafia Operation Process

1. Accept Order

2. Psychology Analysis

3. Creating Topics

4. Hire "Navies"

5. Constantly Posting Topics

Do you think Internet also needs "Crack down Crimes"?