Chinese President Hu Jintao's five theories on the times
It is the Communist Party of China's important experience drawn from 60 years' administration to make both domestic and foreign policies in line with the development trend of human civilization, the progress of the times and the fundamental interests of Chinese people and people of the world. To achieve this, it is essential that all the policies are made based on a deep understanding of the world and an accurate grasp of the times.
☆ President Hu elaborates the theory of profound changes
"The world is undergoing unprecedented 
historical changes." The time we are in is "full 
of opportunities and challenges".
☆ President Hu elaborates the theory of
harmonious world
Striving for peace, promoting development 
and seeking cooperation have become 
irresistible historic trends. The international 
community should build a harmonious 
society featuring sustainable peace and 
common prosperity.
☆ President Hu stresses the theory of common development
Interests of nations are already intertwined. They 
are now sharing weal and woe.Therefore, it is 
essential for us to establish the promotion of 
common development for all nations.
☆ President Hu emphasizes the theory of common responsibility
International community should start with
 the existence and development of human 
beings and establish a sense of common 
responsibility so as to combat major global 
challenges and threats. 

☆ President Hu stresses the theory of active participation
"The future of contemporary China has been 
increasingly closely linked to the future of 
the world."  
☆ Hu Jintao's Report at 17th Party Congress  

 Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
The great banner of socialism with Chinese 
characteristics is the banner guiding development 
and progress in contemporary China and rallying 
the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups 
in the country in our common endeavor.

Emancipating the Mind
Emancipating the mind is a magic instrument for
developing socialism with Chinese characteristics

Reform and Opening Up provide a strong driving 
force for developing it, and scientific development 
and social harmony are basic requirements for 
developing it. 

Party building
Continue to strengthen the Party's governance 
capability and focus on building high quality 
leading bodies. Strengthening the Party's 
governance capability has an overall impact 
on Party building and the cause of socialism 
with Chinese characteristics.

-- Taiyuan determines last week of each month 
to be "meeting-free week"

-- CPC solicits suggestions from outside Party on 
document concerning Party building

--CPC Central Committee discusses Party building
☆Communist Party of China in Brief
. The Communist Party of China (CPC) is a 
great Marxist political party. It is the vanguard 
of the Chinese working class, and the leading 
core of the Chinese people of all nationalities.

. Since its founding in 1921, the CPC has 
traveled a glorious path of struggle for the 
liberation of China and the happiness of the 
people, as well as the progressive cause of 
mankind ...[More]