A senior foreign ministry official on Wednesday described Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's visit to five European countries as one that not only promotes country-to-country relations, but also pushes for cooperation in dealing with the global economic crisis.
Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping concluded his trip to five European nations and returned to Beijing Wednesday morning.
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Xi visits five European nations
  • ·The fortnight visit will take Xi to Belgium, Germany, 
    Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. 
    During his stay in Belgium, Xi will attend a "Europalia-China" art festival. 
  • · Xi is making the visit at the invitations of Belgian 
    Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy, German 
    Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bulgarian Vice President 
    Angel Marin, Hungarian President Solyom Laszlo and 
    Romanian President Traian Basescu. 
Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping
  • ·Xi Jinping on Wednesday arrived in Belgium, the 
    first stop on his five-nation European tour. 
  • ·During his stay in Belgium, Xi was to attend an 
    "Europalia-China" art festival. 
  • ·He will also be present at China's guest of honor 
    events at 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair when he visits 


In Bulgaria