China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said the ministry will look into PV enterprises across the country and release guidelines on the development of China's poly silicon industry.
Today's Shanghai Security News quoted an industry insider that most poly silicon projects that have not started construction have been put on hold.
Editor's note
  • ·☆ China's State Council warned of overcapacity in new energy sector.
    ☆ China's poly silicon capacity will reach 140,000 tons by 2010, twice as much as the estimated global demand.
    ☆ From 2001 to 2008, China's photovoltaic cell capacity grew over 600 folds, from 3 MW to 2000 MW.
    ☆ Chinese enterprises have neither core technology nor cost advantage. Silicon tetrachloride, a by product of poly silicon production, will cause severe pollution. A lot of Chinese poly silicon producers are still heavy energy-consumption and high pollution enterprises.
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