Ten Chinese companies kicked off initial public offering (IPO) procedures Monday for listing on China's Nasdaq-style Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) at the end of October.
The GEM is one part of China's multi-level capital market system and enjoys broad development potential.
  • ·Sep. 17, 2009
    First seven GEM applicants OKed;
    ·Aug. 14, 2009
    IPO review committee for the GEM set up;
    ·Jul. 26, 2009
    Review of 108 GEM applications started;
    ·Jan. 14, 2009
    Shang Fulin, CSRC Chairman, said that GEM would be focused on;
    ·Dec. 14, 2008
    The State Council urged the completion and start of the Growth Enterprise Board, a NADSAQ-like entity to help small start-ups raise funds.
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