Chinese top commerce official to talk to Washington on tire trade
China might take retaliatory measures in US tire case
Move toward U.S. tire duty going flat

There is a high probability Obama will reject it, thanks not only to the growing criticism within the U.S. against the proposal, but also to the growing importance of China in helping the U.S. tide over the economic recession.
China's A-share capitalization drops 13 percent over 25 days in August
Since the start of August, the total value of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has plummeted by 13 percent within just 25 days. As of closing on August 25, the total value of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets dropped to 20.38 trillion yuan and the average PE ratio for the component stocks of the Shanghai-Shenzhen-300 Index fell to 24.41 times.
China to cautiously follow international oil price
News Focus
Medical reform differs in China, America
Tax hike targets 'liquor culture'
China cuts US treasury bills for first time in a year
Report: Hummer deal to be reached in Sept
Chinese company's purchase of Hummer not yet approved: officials
Baosteel agrees to buy 15% stake in Australian miner Aquila
China issues essential drugs list as part of medical system reform
SASAC to conduct investigations into CCI's bribery case
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China economy: recovery, rebalance
and restructuring

China,US reach consensus on
economic, financial issues

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Minister: Consumers' rights to be fully respected in filtering software

China releases July economic data

Restructure difficult, but a priority: Ministry

Chinese small jets fly to the big market

Less trade but more disputes in crisis?

China's trade and FDI
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Tough negotiations with ore giants
to continue after FMG deal

Jobs for young, pension for old
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Making affordable housing
accessible for low-income group

Bernanke to be reappointed as Fed chief

HK's richest businessman donates
100 million NTD for disaster relief

Market cool to SOHO China expansion plans