East Asia can drive the critical post-crisis structural reform of the global economy, business, government and civil society leaders participating in the 18th World Economic Forum on East Asia agreed at the closing session of the two-day meeting. Next year, the Republic of Korea will assume the chair of the G20, which has become the main forum for addressing global economic challenges.
About WEF...
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    The World Economic Forum, established in 1971, is 
    an independent international organization 
    committed to improving the state of the world by 
    engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, 
    regional and industry agendas. 
WEF events this year...
  • ·Upcoming Events:
    10-12 Sep, Annual Meeting of the 
    New Champions 2009

    Dalian, China
    8-10 Nov, India Economic Summit
    New Delhi, India
    20-22 November, Summit on the Global Agenda 2009
    Dubai, UAE

    Past Events:
    13 January, Global Risk Report 2009
    London, UK
    28 January - 1 February, World Economic Forum 
    Annual Meeting 2009

    14 - 16 April, World Economic Forum on Latin America
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    15 - 17 May, World Economic Forum on the Middle East
    Dead Sea, Jordan
    10 - 12 June, World Economic Forum on Africa
    Cape Town, South Africa
    18 - 19 June, World Economic Forum on East Asia
    Seoul, Republic of Korea