Hu Jintao's Report at 17th Party Congress
China has been taken as a vital motive force for world economy and regarded in an entirely new light, and the international community has also acquired a new, better understanding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) as the force leading the Chinese nation forward against the backdrop of global financial crisis.
It is an objective reality that China has embarked on the road of socialism. Then, why the socialist road the Chinese nation has been taking is said to the people's choice and the choice of history? This question is up to the history of China to "answer" or "elaborate" by itself.
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  • ·The Communist Party of China (CPC) is a great 
    Marxist political party. It is the vanguard of the Chinese 
    working class, and the leading core of the Chinese 
    people of all nationalities.

  • ·Since its founding in 1921, the CPC has traveled a 
    glorious path of struggle for the liberation of China and 
    the happiness of the people, as well as the progressive 
    cause of mankind ...

Xi Jinping called on officials to read more books and take reading and study as "life attitude, responsibility and spiritual pursuit."