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Americans' right move to cut spending [ 15:00 August 02 2011]

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It always makes economic sense to reduce deficit spending when a country’s national revenue has been exhausted during dire times. The gap between expenditure and income should be carefully watched by the budgeters, so that it won’t place a country’s health in peril.

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A vision for ruling CPC [ 16:44 June 28 2011]

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Three events will serve as footnotes for the 90th anniversary of the ruing Communist Party of China: the world's single longest high-speed railroad connecting Beijing and Shanghai goes to operation; top lawmakers approve an amendment to the tax code, giving tax exemptions to low- and middle-income earners but adding tax on the rich; and probably, by coincidence, Premier Wen Jiabao visits Hungary, Britain and Germany, forging a deeper and closer partnership with Europe.

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'Shorting China' for what? [ 15:04 June 21 2011]

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At a time of global economic uncertainty which is also spreading to China, it is normal to see a host of nay-sayers and skeptics rise to diminish this country's economic prospect. Lately, we have read headlines and pundits' opinion like "cracks" emerging in the world's second largest economy, the biggest bank debt crisis in 17 years incurred by China's local governments, and a "hard landing" to serve the country better than a "soft-landing".

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Li Hong has been a reporter and column writer, mainly on China's economy and politics.

He was graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and once studied in University of Hawaii and the Poynter Institute in Florida.


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