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Why the U.S. giving tacit consent to separating-China forces?
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15:13, July 13, 2009

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By Li Hongmei People's Daily Online

In the wake of the July 5 Urumqi deadly riots, and in Washington, two members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bipartisan resolution condemning the 'violent repression' of the Uighur people by China. Even though it is still unclear how soon it would come to a vote in the House, the absurdly baseless outcry siding with the secessionist forces against China has already aroused a general indignity among the Chinese communities both at home and abroad.

To the Chinese people, it is nothing new that the U.S. tacitly or openly fan the winds of resentment against China. From the Dalai La ma, evil cult leader Li Hongzhi, to Rebiya Kadeer, now seeking political asylum in the U.S, the U.S. indiscriminately embraces all those forces hostile to China. The new administration led by Barack Obama even risked the global security declaring the release of the terrorist-suspects held in Gantanamo Bay and appealing for their settlement beyond the U.S, territory after meeting with strong resistance from the American public for taking in the potential terrorists.

When it comes to the U.S. national security, the vigilance is absolutely required in the event of the repetition of the 9/11 terrorist attack. But the U.S. seems has little sense about the fact that all the other places beyond its soil are just as vulnerable to terror as it used to be. Perhaps, it is already a customary practice for the U.S. to adopt the double-standard when weighing its interests against others'. Or perhaps, it has some ulterior motive behind to ensure its supreme position will not be challenged or altered by splitting to weaken others.

Back to the case of Rebiya Kadeer, one can find sufficient evidence showing the U.S. back-up to the notorious separatist. The 58-year-old Uighur woman was bailed out of jail in 2005 for medical treatment, and later was allowed to go to the U.S. to join her second husband, who is a veteran separatist. Before her departure she promised repeatedly she would never involve in any activity abroad endangering China's ethic unity and sovereignty. But being shielded and winked at by the relevant American institutions like CIA and NED (National Endowment for Democracy), Kadeer, an almost illiterate but a fanatic careerist, even published her so-called autobiography entitled 'Dragon Fighter' vowing to fight China for the peace of the Uighur people; and more ridiculously, she is even lauded to the sky with the endearing title 'the Spiritual Mother,'(or some doubt it is self-claimed) for all the Uighurs, upon which the majority of the Uighur Chinese have been pouring scorn.

Most probably, Kadeer was right the person the U.S. side has been thirsty for when she started her exile on its soil: wildly ambitious, hostile to China, and more important, religious. And this can always stir up some emotion among the American 'rights activists.' The appearance of Ms. Kadeer was therefore deemed as a rare occurrence to pounce upon, and some of the 'outlandish woman's special qualities' also proved to be unmatchable in satisfying the immediate interests of some political groups, which have all along been waiting for the opportune moment to go into action subverting China, simply due to the uncompromising ideological differences.

Kadeer's legendary rise, from obscurity as a street vendor and, a hooligan in the eyes of her former peers to a business tycoon acquiring fame and fortune not only in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region but across China, might look rather like a Uighur version of 'American Dream,' assuming, of course, the 'American Dream' is actually encouraging its people to speculate, cheat and even plot to wreck havoc to the whole nation for the hoard of individual wealth. That is one of the charges which had put the heroic Uighur lady in jail-- tax evasion, and another a felony involving selling out secretes endangering the national security.

Anyway, NED has funded all these institutions aiming to separate China, including East Turkistan Islamic Movement, an organization blacklisted as a terrorist force by Bush administration and already accepted worldwide as a global threat, and its devil incarnations World Uighur Congress and American Uighur Association, both presided over by Rebiya Kadeer.

In response to the calls for release from the tax payers, NED had to published online its spending on 'pro-Xinjiang Independence' activities throughout the years: in 2005, it was US$120,000; in 2006, the number more than tripled to US$390,000; in 2007, it grew up to US$520,000; and the year 2008 also saw a slight increase up to US$ 570,000, of which US$ 550,000 went to Ms.Kadeer. On top of that, NFD in 2008 also aided 'Tibet Independence' totaling US$350,000. Even more outrageous, Rebiya Kadeer gained the U.S. approval on July 7, two days after the bloody unrest, to hold a rally in Washington D.C. protesting China's efforts to subdue the rioting which has claimed 184 innocent lives so far and injured more than 1,000, and which is apparently inhumane atrocities intolerable to any government and any people.

Since the end of 1980s, the U.S. has never moderated its intention to stoke the so-called 'China Issues' on the international occasions. And wielding the stick of 'human rights,' it has been always waiting for a good chance to hit home 'China's weakness,' and for this purpose, it has either chosen to be blind to hard facts or even at times twisted the facts. No human rights can be built on neglecting or robbing others' survival rights. This time, in their efforts to fan feuding between Han and Uighur Chinese by harboring and propping up separatist forces, the U.S. is jumping out again to be the third party that would, for the secret hope, benefit from the tussle.

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