· Three goals of Premier Wen's visit    More>>
· I. Prompting the international community to have more confidence and jointly cope with the financial crisis.
· II. Expanding strategic consensus and deepen mutual cooperation with these European countries.
· III. Pushing forward the in-depth development of Sino-EU relations.
Why is it 'Trip of Confidence'?
Premier Wen's European tour was called by China's Foreign Ministry as a "trip of confidence," which would set out China's determination to stick to reform and opening up, boost economic development, deepen Sino-EU cooperation and join hands with international community to tide over the financial crisis.More>>

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Fruitful results between China and Switzerland

I. China, Switzerland agree to begin feasibility study on free trade zone.
China and Switzerland also signed an agreement on promoting and protecting investment.
II. Other measures included deepening financial cooperation, expanding trade and investment, opposing trade protectionism, and promoting reform of the international financial system. More>>

Fruitful results between China and Germany

I. China, Germany agree on maglev technology transfer.
II. China, Germany signed an agreement on cooperation in climate protection.
III. The two countries also clinched deals covering cooperation in the car industry, construction of Chinese ecological city Xuzhou, and exchanges between museums of the two countries. More>>

Fruitful results between China and Spain

I. China will take active steps to seek a balanced growth in bilateral trade with Spain as part of its efforts in promoting all-around China-Spain cooperation.
II. A number of documents on the two countries' cooperation in finance, aviation, energy and telecommunication were signed.
III. China and Spain also issued a joint statement on further strengthening their comprehensive strategic partnership. More>>

Fruitful results between China and Britain

I. China, Britain issue joint statement on closer co-op amid int'l financial crisis.
II. The two nations agreed to hold the second round of the High Level Dialogue at a mutually agreed time in 2009, and will continue to make full use of this mechanism to strengthen cooperation on a wide range of economic and financial policies, critical to financial stability and sustainable economic development worldwide. More>>

At EU Headquartersmore>>>

•China and the European Union (EU) agreed on Friday to hold a summit between the two sides at an early date.
Both sides also agreed to hold the 2nd China-EU high-level forum on economy and trade in April this year.
During Premier Wen's visit, China has signed 38 contracts worth 15 billion yuan ($2.2 billion) with EU member countries.

At World Economic Forum

•The global financial crisis is a challenge for the whole world, and the pressing task for the international community is "to take further measures to restore market confidence as soon as possible," Wen told participants attending the World Economic Forum.