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50th Anniversary of Democratic Reform and Serfs Emancipation in Tibet
On Serfs Emancipation Day, celebration, recollection, and wishes from across China
The first Serfs Emancipation Day was celebrated across Tibet Autonomous Region on Saturday, while people from elsewhere in China expressed their wishes to the Tibetans.
Can Dalai Lama's lie deceive the world for long?
Video: Celebration for Serfs Emancipation Day


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Tibetan school

Tibetans in Kesum

"Lung of Lhasa"

Most beautiful village

Meili Snow Mountain

First crook of Jinsha Jiang

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Traditional Tibetan clothes

Tibetan Losar celebration
  Serfs Emancipation under Democratic Reform
• Foreign military attachés visit Tibet exhibition
• Tibet's Qamdo celebrates 1st Serfs Emancipation Day
• Local people mark Serfs Emancipation Day in Tibet's Dagze
• Serfs Emancipation Day draws more visitors to exhibition on Tibet
• Solo: Grand ceremony for Serfs Emancipation Day held in Lhasa

  Benifits from government
• Chinese president praises Tibet development, hails democratic reform
• Chinese leader calls for stability in Tibet ahead of Serfs Emancipation Day
• "Green Path" benifits impoverished patients
• Bank of China grants 650 mln yuan loan to exploit multi-metal mines in Tibet
• Central government's investment in Tibet grows year after year

  Economy achievements in 50 years
• Lhasa to be built into international tourist city
• Statistics: Not a cent taken from Tibet in 50 years
• Tibet's average GDP per capita reaches new highs during 50 years of Democratic Reform
• China to build railway to northwestern Tibetan prefecture
• Power project benefits 20,0000 Tibetan farmers, herdsmen in Qinghai

  Changes in people's livelihood
• Young Tibetans infuse new vigor into Tibetan culture
• Former serf in Tibet enjoys happy life
• Tibetans in Kesum enjoy happy life since end of serfdom system
• First Tibet village embracing democratic reform calls for cherishing new life
• Mobile court in Dagze County, Tibet
• 'I just told my stories of the real Tibet'
• Former female serfs recollect tragic past

• Video: Celebration for Serfs Emancipation Day
• Tibet: The truth
• Video: Snow delays Qomolangma ascent
• Video: Swiss TV appology for mistake on Tibet
• Sera Monastery reopens to tourists
• Video: Tibetan tell how life has changed
• Video: Tibetan academic researchers

• Why lamas keep taking the lead in each riot in Tibet?
• Cypriots admire Tibet for great progress
• Indian newspaper applauds China's democratic reform achievements in Tibet
• Tibetan lawmaker says "Tibet independence" daydream of separatists
• Seven questions for the Dalai Lama (3)
• Seven questions for the Dalai Lama (2)

Tibet's History
• The History of Tibet: the old Tibet
• Ming Dynasty: It Exerted the Administration over Tibet
• Yuan Dynasty: Tibet became an Administrative Region of China
• Tang Dynasty: Tibet Had Intimate Exchanges with the Central Plains
• Qing Dynasty: It Strengthened Overall Administration over Tibet
• The Government of the Republic of China Maintaining Its Sovereignty over Tibet
Tell you a ture Tibet
• Facts, figures about Tibet's development
• Tibetan feudal serfdom under theocracy and Western European serfdom in Middle Ages
• Tell you a true Tibet - How Does the Dalai Clique Carry Out His Separatist Activities?
• Tell you a true Tibet - How Does the 1959 Armed Rebellion Occur?
• Tell you a true Tibet - Ownership of Tibet
• Tell you a true Tibet - Peaceful Liberation of Tibet
Special report
Map of Tibet
Map of Tibet
Exhibition Online
Exhibition Online
My impression on Tibet
 (stories of a real Tibet)
My impression on Tibet
(stories of a real Tibet)
About Qinghai-Tibet Railway
About Qinghai-Tibet Railway
March 14 riots in Lhasa
March 14 riots in Lhasa
Tibet: Past and Present
Tibet: Past and Present

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