The year 2008 has passed by. However, so many faces remain in our memories. Some of them are laughing, some are crying, some are excited, and some are sad.

The editor has picked them for you. Wish the world peace in the coming year and wish all of you a happy new year.

Wish people in happiness happy forever

I wanna kiss you

God? Are you there?

Are you scared of me?

I am almost crazy!

Oh, delicious!

Don't be surprised, we are twins.

Wanna know me? Never!

Don't fight, I am painful.

Sorry, I am not monkey but spiderman.

OMG, help!

Oh, I find you.

What's this?

Can you hear?

Wow, victory.

Oh, no shoes!

Do you believe me ?

World's 'Most Pierced Woman'

I am not singing, I'm crying.

Are you hot?

OMG, am I the winner?!

I need water.

I am not crying, just excited.

Oh yeah! I am champion.

Maybe I am a bit hungry.

Oh, anything there?

Look at my cheese!

Wow!My voice is also strong.

Sorry, volleyball. I am sleeping.
Wish people in disaster out of plight

Premier's expressions in face of disaster

Cheer up, Wenchuan!

Survivors' eyes of Pakistan earthquake

Liu Xiang quits, fans cry

Boy injured by suicide attack

Country road, take me home

No give-up in saving lives

Baby, don't cry!

Rescue efforts in epicenter

Villagers leave their houses in South Ossetia crisis

Survivors recovering from Sichuan quake

Oh No, not again!

A Father's sadness

Come on, Liu Xiang!

Medical personnels in epidemic prevention

Anti-Israel demonstration

Dow plunges breathtaking 679 points

Mourn earthquake Victims

U.S. treasury secretary reluctant to aid automakers

Vigil held for quake victims