China's Space Exploration

China considering manned lunar landing in 2025-2030
China to launch Tiangong-1 at the end of next year
Chinese scientists start studying samples from Shenzhou-7
China beams with pride, joy after successful space mission
New space triumph heralds China's dynamics, contributes to universal dream
Commentry: Shenzhou-7 sets standard for China-made products
Scientists: Shenzhou-7 lubricant test significant to further space missions
Premier says China committed to peaceful exploration, use of outer space
China to mass produce Shenzhou spaceship
Breakthroughs made in aerospace measurement and control
Recovery training for next manned mission
China ready to launch first lunar satellite
One step closer to the Moon
China's first manned mission threatened by communication blackout
Moment of fear for first astronaut
Mission to Moon 'not a race with others'
Chinese scientists contribute to world's 1st fusion reactor
China's lunar probing satellite to be launched before year's end
Newly-discovered comet named after Chinese astronomer
Space program eyes farther frontiers
China hopes to join Int'l Space Station project
China's first lunar probe Chang'e-1 blasts off
Chang'e-1 successfully separated from carrier rocket
Satellite launch center to be built in Hainan
New carrier rocket series to be built
China Focus: China looks for breakthroughs in deep space exploration, senior scientists
Chang'e I enters Earth-moon transfer orbit
Scientist: lunar probe to fly to moon orbit with no more trajectory corrections
China's first lunar probe enters moon orbit
Chang'e-1 succeeds in "flying" around Moon
China launches new remote sensing satellite
China aims to double satellite life expectancy by 2010
New rocket set to blast off by 2013
China's sole satellite conglomerate beams into operation
China to launch 15 rockets, 17 satellites and 1 space craft in 2008
Chang'e-1 captures pictures of moon's polar areas
China to launch 10 satellites in 2008
China to launch Chang'e-2 lunar probe around 2009
China's new carrier rocket to debut in 2014
China's "Lunar landing" project launched
China's recoverable moon rover expected in 2017
China launches new space tracking ship to serve Shenzhou VII
"Chang'e" sends back voice and songs
China blasts off first data relay satellite
China sets up first space station for spacecraft data relay
Chang'e-1 sends back "verbal" wishes