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Accompanying satellite begins orbiting Shenzhou-7 spaceship
Shenzhou-7 reentry module lands safely
Hu: spacewalk a major breakthrough
Chinese taikonaut returns to orbital module
Chinese taikonaut conducts EVA
Chinese taikonaut debuts spacewalk
Shenzhou-7 spacecraft functions well as planned
Shenzhou-7 astronaut starts assembling space suit for spacewalk
Graphics show simulated launching of Shenzhou-7
Shenzhou-7 successfully launched
Video: Launch of Shenzhou-7 manned spacecraft
China holds see-off ceremony for Shenzhou-7 crew
Video: China holds see-off ceremony for Shenzhou-7 taikonauts
Live: China counting down to third manned space mission
Magical Shenzhou-7 astronauts
Video: Crew of Shenzhou-7 manned space mission meet press
Taikonauts aboard China's spacecraft Shenzhou-7 debut
Video: Press conference by the Shenzhou-7 manned space mission headquarters
Shenzhou-7 docked with Long-March II-F rocket
China’s first unmanned mini-helicopter debuts
ISS crew members complete successful spacewalk
Space shuttle Endeavour lifts off
U.S. shuttle Endeavour docks with ISS
First hotel planned in space
Space shuttle Endeavour undocks from International Space Station
Shuttle Endeavour lands safely at Kennedy Space Center
Chinese students talk to ISS astronaunt
Lunar eclipse observed in China
Monitoring system of unmanned plane unveiled in Nanjing
Model of China's first lunar probe satellite debuts
Malaysia's first astronaut to visit ISS
Model of China's 1st lunar satellite Chang'e I displayed
"Chang'e I" ready to launch
U.S. shuttle Discovery lifts off
Chang'e I lunar probe
China's first lunar probe Chang'e-1 blasts off
U.S. shuttle Discovery docks with ISS
First braking of Chang'e-1
China's 1st lunar probe completes long journey to moon successfully
Space station astronauts conduct spacewalk
China publishes first moon picture taken by chang'e-1
Chinese Premier unveils first picture of moon
Moon photos taken by Chang'e-1 released
U.S. space shuttle Endeavour lifts off
Russian manned spaceship blasts off to ISS
China launches new communications satellite
China's new transonic jet trainer makes first flight
China to broadcast solar eclipse live on Internet today
China's environment monitoring satellites start operation
China's manned spacecraft Shenzhou-7 in final preparation for launch