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Rules for participation
16:59, August 07, 2008

Dear users,

Please read the following content before participating. Your decision to participate in the activity will be regarded as acceptance of the following terms.

People’s Daily Online offers a free platform on which you can display text, images, etc.

You should abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, or any other laws and regulations of countries that are related to you. You will be responsible for breach of the laws and regulations.

You should guarantee that you do not violate any laws, regulations, international conventions and do not violate the third party’s rights by providing text and images.

People’s Daily Online is entitled to free use of the contents, including text, images, that you provide.

People’s Daily Online will not use the contents you provide for business purposes, but it does not deny that your contents may bring about potential business benefits, for example, the website may place advertisement on the page that displays the content you have provided.

The website maintains the right for future use of the contents you provide, including text, images etc. , after the event is finish.

People’s Daily Online will not be responsible for the third party’s use of the content you provide

Notice: People’s Daily Online is unable to verify the accuracy or legitimacy of the content you provide. If you think some content harms your rights, please contact the website.

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