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Olympics tourism peak approaches
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15:28, August 15, 2008

According to the general trends of international Olympics tourism, the number of tourists in the host country peaks after the Olympics. Therefore, the number of tourists in China's main scenic spots will peak in a few months time. Wang Zhifa, the vice director of China's National Tourism Administration, recently introduced the status of Olympic tourism at the Beijing International Media Center. From August 1-11, all six cities organizing and co-organizing events have received 175 international tour groups, 6,350 on board. The number of tourists in August was expected to increase largely. And the tourism structure changed from regular tourism between January and July to mainly Olympic tourism in August.

Wang said: "The Olympics promote further normalization of China's tourism market and the general advancement of tourism services. The infrastructure of tourism and public entertainment improves day by day. Many provinces, cities and autonomous regions build up the urban image of 'Olympics are in Beijing, come see my home'; and they have developed some new travel programs making the most of their superior resources." Tourism that was affected by the earthquake in Sichuan province is reviving. Emei Mountain, the Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea and the Memorial Temple of WuHou in Chengdu have been restored to their original status before the earthquake. So far, tourism is main industry targeted in Sichuan's post-quake reconstruction; and there will be more competitive tourism routes opening for domestic and international tourists.

By People's Daily Online

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