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Final medal table at Beijing Olympic Games on Sunday, August 24Final medal table at Beijing Olympic Games on Sunday, August 24Domingo and Chinese singer Song perform together at Beijing Olympics closingFacts and figures: World records set in Beijing OlympicsBeijing bids farewell to Olympic flame Beijing: Overcast 30-21°C
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·Rain not to affect cycling road race: official [08.08.10]
·Official: Chemicals used in Olympic rain dispersing safe to enviroment [08.08.10]
·IOC press conference at the Main Press Center in Beijing(Photo) [08.08.07]
·China's Yu Zaiqing running for IOC vice presidency [08.08.06]
·Official: Beijing confident and capable of hosting safe Olympics [08.08.05]
·Beijing Olympics to welcome more NOCs and heads of state than ever [08.08.04]
·Chinese learn to accept media scrutiny as Olympic host [08.08.01]
·Beijing to hold Olympic Games in frugal way, official says [08.08.01]
·IOC: Air quality not to affect marathon [08.08.01]
·Beijing Olympics receives entry forms from 204 countries and regions [08.08.01]
·Beijing Games organizer: S Korean TV told not to violate professional ethics [08.08.01]
·Official: Work for Beijing Olympic competitions ready [08.08.01]
·Last tranche of Olympic tickets to go on sale [08.07.22]
·City Party chief: Beijing able to honor Olympic commitments [08.07.21]
·Efforts made to assist foreign reporters covering Olympics [08.07.17]
·Olympics push for volunteer service [08.07.17]
·Official website of Beijing Olympics adapts to games-time tune [08.07.15]
·BOCOG: Media operations helps world press feel at home [08.07.08]
·Beijing overhauls Olympics-related ads, bans non-sponsoring drinks at Olympic venues [08.07.06]
·Exotic medals make debut appearance [08.07.04]
·Challenges remain for Beijing as Olympics wait in the doorway(Photo) [08.06.19]
·BOCOG donates 5 mln yuan to Sichuan quake-hit area [08.05.17]
·More 5,000 translators recruited for Olympics [08.05.15]
·BOCOG conveys condolences to earthquake victims [08.05.13]
·China nominates new environmental ambassadors to build green awareness [08.04.23]
·Temporary environmental controls to be in place during Games [08.04.07]
·Passengers banned from taking liquids on China domestic flights [08.03.13]
·Beijing vice mayor proposes setting up Olympic museum [08.03.13]
·Beijing to rope off special lanes to ease Olympic traffic burden [08.03.12]
·China sets up state level security organization for Olympics [08.03.12]
·BOCOG breaks language barrier for drivers [08.03.04]
·BOCOG keeps Olympic product price stable despite rising CPI [08.02.21]
·75% of tickets unsold in 2nd phase despite high bookings [08.01.28]
·BOCOG mobilized to strive for success of Olympics, Paralympics [08.01.09]
·Stanley Ho offre une peinture au BOCOG(Photo) [08.01.08]
·BOCOG release work agenda for 2008 [08.01.04]
·Beijing 2008 ticket sales to close on Sunday [07.12.25]
·Olympic torch bearers to be unveiled by February [07.12.21]
·Chinese herbal medicine not to be used in '08 Olympics [07.12.09]
·BOCOG signs agreement with KL for Olympic Torch Relay [07.12.04]
·Second stage of media accreditation process begins [07.11.29]
·BOCOG to deal with formerly suspended tickets applications [07.11.24]
·Chief organizer urges delivery of fine Olympic venues [07.11.23]
·Progress made in preparation for Beijing Paralympics [07.11.22]
·BOCOG official meets press on cultural activities [07.11.22]
·Five cities to compete to host the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010 [07.11.20]
·106 Misses 'light the passion' for the Olympic Games [07.11.20]
·11 Chinese ministries join hands to combat doping [07.11.19]
·Paralympic medals in jade unveiled in Beijing [07.11.15]
·Official: contingency plans in place for bad weather [07.11.08]

1 China 51 21 28 100
2 USA 36 38 36 110
3 Russia 23 21 28 72
4 Great Britain 19 13 15 47
5 Germany 16 10 15 41
6 Australia 14 15 17 46
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