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"Today, our dreams have finally come true."

--Strong China Forum Netizen Praising the First Online Exchange with the General Secretary

"We have waited anxiously in expectation for this day for a long time; on this day, our dreams have finally come true." On June 20, General Secretary Hu Jintao had an online exchange with netizens through the Strong China Forum, immediately causing a great sensation online. The number of netizens browsing and signing into the Strong China Forum surged, especially those in the Strong China Forum who one after another expressed their delight and excitement.

Netizen "Ni Yangjun" said, "On the morning of June 20, 2008, I visited the People's Daily website, Xinhua Net, and other major websites, and saw an amazing headline that told us the moment of happiness had finally arrived: "This morning General Secretary Hu Jintao will meet with Chinese netizens through the People's Daily Strong China Forum!" As a loyal netizen of the People's Daily Strong China Forum and a supporter of a strong China, I of course began waiting very early in front of my computer, looking forward to the arrival of that exact moment. 'General Secretary Hu Jintao's Visits the People's Daily Online Strong China Forum for an Online Exchange with Netizens' is a news item that will be forever remembered by every Chinese netizen."

The General Secretary's visit was a pleasant surprise for many netizens; netizen "Tian Jiali" said, "I think the word 'dream' could accurately describe the thoughts of the Forum netizens. If it wasn't today, June 20, 2008, that General Secretary Hu Jintao actually came to the People's Daily Online to have an exchange with netizens on the Strong China Forum, who would have believed this could really happen before this?" The People's Daily Online has invited many honored guests, including professional writers, renowned figures from all walks of life, and even people from other countries. General Secretary Hu and Premier Wen, whom netizens greatly looked forward to meeting, had never before visited the People's Daily Online. Although many netizens had this wish in their hearts, no one imagined this would become reality. Now that dream has finally come true. Today is a special day for the Strong China Forum netizens as well as for the future of the mission of caring for the motherland and the people, because today is a beginning, a wonderful symbol, a mark in the path. It is no longer a dream for the Party and the leaders of this country to have an online exchange with netizens. Its exemplary significance and purposeful direction cannot be overlooked.

After seeing the live broadcast of the General Secretary's exchange with netizens, many netizens said that they saw the General Secretary as an amiable, approachable person. Netizen "Zhi Mu" said, "This day, this moment, we have eagerly awaited for a long time! His pleasant smile is of course already a familiar sight in our hearts. However, through this video, we saw him face the computer with great energy and a full smile, having an online exchange with everyone, and we heard his sincere and friendly greetings. Even though it was only a few short minutes with just a few words, it still gave us a feeling of camaraderie." Netizen "Ming Haoyue" said, "Before, I always felt the General Secretary was very distant from us, but at this moment, I felt he was close to us. I clearly saw an amiable and open person, a very approachable and sincere General Secretary."

Netizen "Han Feng" said, "This morning I went on the Internet, and I saw the report about the online exchange between the General Secretary and netizens; I was very surprised, but also very excited and deeply honored. Even though we couldn't have direct dialogue with the General Secretary, I was still very grateful for the General Secretary's love for the people and sincere sentiment!"

Netizen "Longquan Huoma" said, "Summer is fiery and dynamic. Today, General Secretary Hu's visit to the Strong China Forum for an exchange with netizens lit a fire within the Forum, and it will definitely light up forums all across the country. General Secretary Hu's words, 'Although I am usually very busy with work, I still find time to go online as much as possible, and the Strong China Forum is the website I visit the most,' particularly moved the Strong China Forum and netizens around the country. It turns out that the General Secretary is interested in and attentive to netizens' ideas."

Netizen "Li Xin" said, "With just one simple sentence, 'The General Secretary is going to visit the Forum!' the Forum was swarming with people! So many netizens saw this as a greatly valuable opportunity and had so many sincere words to say to the General Secretary! Despite how busy he is under the current circumstances, the General Secretary still came to the Forum to talk with everyone and listen to people's suggestions and ideas; what a rare moment!"

There are also many netizens who felt regret that they could not participate in the exchange with the Secretary General. "Looking Everyday" said, "Recently I have been very busy with work, and I can't visit the Forum as much as I used to. I didn't imagine that the moment of 'greatest joy for Chinese netizens' had arrived in this way, and I regret that it passed me by so quickly and unexpectedly." "Allow My Heart to Fly" said, "I arrived too late, I only signed in after looking at the news, regretfully. I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask, but I wasn't able to make it; oh well, as long as the General Secretary goes online, there will be another chance." Another netizen said, "It is a pity that the time was so short, I hope the General Secretary will visit the Forum again when he has time."

Yet another netizen said, "The fact that the General Secretary was a guest at the Strong China Forum and had an exchange with netizens revealed three important points. First, the Internet has already taken a very important position in Chinese politics, economy, culture, and daily life. Second, the Party will pay even more attention to the development of the Internet. Third, the central government will give more consideration to 'online opinions' when making decsions. We believe that in accordance with the development of the Internet in Chnia and the attention of the central government, our netizens will be very instrumental, and our network will become the pioneer and leader of the course toward democracy in China."

A netizen agreed, "This is very certain. General Secretary Hu Jintao's online exchange reflects a major confirmation of this from the Party and country toward netizens. This is a great step of progress. The highest leader of this vast country had an online exchange with netizens through the Internet; this is a great step of progress in itself. It reflected the central government's desire to listen to the ideas of the people, to value the ideas of the people, and to consider the voice of the Internet, all of which are an active embodiment of care and respect for the people."

By People's Daily Online

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