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·Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kaifeng concludes [08.07.26]
·Torch relay starts in China's "capital of seven dynasties" [08.07.26]
·Roadside hawkers share Olympic glee with torch relay [08.07.25]
·Olympic torch relay in Zhengzhou concludes [08.07.25]
·Drillmaster of Shaolin's warrior monks prays for successful Olympics [08.07.25]
·Olympic torch relay kicks off in China's "Green City" [08.07.25]
·More quake rescuers to run in Olympic torch relay [08.07.25]
·Beijing Olympic torch to relay in China's most populous province [08.07.24]
·125 farmer torchbearers ready as Olympic torch to tour China's major agricultural province [08.07.24]
·Olympic champion Xing runs torch relay in Jinan [08.07.23]
·Olympic champion Xing runs torch relay in Jinan [08.07.23]
·Olympic torch relay begins tour Jinan [08.07.23]
·Olympic torch relay in Tai'an (Photo) [08.07.23]
·Olympic torch relay in Confucius hometown (Photo) [08.07.23]
·Olympic torch relay in Linyi, Shangdong(Photo) [08.07.22]
·Olympic torch relay to be held at hometown of Confucius [08.07.22]
·Olympic flame relayed on the sea in Olympic co-host Qingdao [08.07.21]
·Olympic torch relay in Qingdao(Photo) [08.07.21]
·Olympic torch relay begins tour in Olympic co-host city Qingdao [08.07.21]
·Torch relay in China's Dalian concludes [08.07.19]
·Torch relay in Anshan concludes(Photo) [08.07.18]
·Olympic torch relay starts in China's Anshan [08.07.18]
·Olympic torch passed through Shenyang, NE China (Photo) [08.07.18]
·Olympic torch relay starts in NE China's Shenyang [08.07.17]
·Olympic torch relay in Jilin concludes [08.07.15]
·Olympic torch relay to kick off in Liaoning province [08.07.15]
·2008 executants playing horsehead fiddle for Guiness world record [08.07.15]
·Olympic flame illuminates China's "Motown" Changchun [08.07.14]
·Olympic torch relay in Changchun kicks off [08.07.14]
·Olympic flame arrives at Changchun [08.07.14]
·Olympic flame continues journey in China's "crane town"(Photo) [08.07.13]
·Route of Olympic torch relay in Jilin released [08.07.12]
·Beijing Olympic torch relay in Daqing concludes [08.07.12]
·Olympic torch relay starts in rain at China's "oil city" [08.07.12]
·Lei Diansheng: heroic walker's Olympic march [08.07.11]
·Figure skating stars inspire Olympic passion in China's "ice town" [08.07.11]
·Video:Torch relay continues in Inner Mongolia [08.07.10]
·Beijing Olympic torch relay starts in Ordos(Photo) [08.07.09]
·Genghis Khan's hometown to embrace Olympic Flame [08.07.08]
·Olympic torch relay in Lanzhou(Photo) [08.07.08]
·Olympic torch to be relayed in Inner Mongolia of N China [08.07.07]
·From shadows to Olympic torchlight [08.07.04]
·Torchbearer's gift of song to Games [08.07.03]
·Olympic flame crosses Loess Plateau [08.07.03]
·Olympic torch takes relay in China's revolution base(Photo) [08.07.02]
·Relay inspires tree-planting torchbearer [08.07.02]
·Olympic torch relay continues in NW China(Photo) [08.06.30]
·Paralympic torch won't go on relay overseas [08.06.26]
·Xining establishes torch relay record [08.06.25]
·Olympic Flame tours China's largest lake [08.06.23]

1 China 51 21 28 100
2 USA 36 38 36 110
3 Russia 23 21 28 72
4 Great Britain 19 13 15 47
5 Germany 16 10 15 41
6 Australia 14 15 17 46
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