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In Anticipation of Beijing Olympics
Sharing the Great Occasion with Our Asian Neighbors
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14:25, May 26, 2008

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· The Second 10+3 Media Cooperation Forum
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The Speech by H.E. Mr. Jiang Xiaoyu, Executive Vice President of BOCOG on the 2nd 10+3 Media Cooperation Forum
May 19 2008

Distinguished Guests, deputies, comrades and friends:
Good morning/afternoon.

I am very delighted and pleased to attend the 2nd 10+3(ASEAN, China, Japan and Korea) Media Cooperation Forum, to communicate and interact with friends from the media on the preparation of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. First of all, on behalf of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), I would like to extend our warm congratulation to the Forum, and express our heartfelt gratitude to friends from ASEAN, Japan and Korea and the international community for your long time support and care to the Beijing Olympics.

The Olympic Games is the largest comprehensive sports event in the world today. Hosting the Olympics, is the century long expectation of the Chinese nation. Beijing is the third Asian city to host the Summer Olympics, after the 1964 Tokyo Games in Japan, and 1988 Seoul Olympics in the Republic of Korea, Beijing 2008 Olympics is not only the glory of China, but also the glory of Asia. It provides an important opportunity to strengthen the understanding and friendship between the peoples of China, ASEAN nations, Japan and Korea, and further improves the exchanges and cooperation in the political, economic and trade, cultural and sports fields. As President Hu Jintao pointed out,” Beijing Olympic Games is a grand occasion of the whole world, it not only belongs the Chinese people, but also belongs to the peoples in Asian countries and the world. He also pointed out that we should make the Beijing Summer Olympics and Beijing Paralympics into a grand occasion in enhancing mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between the peoples of China and countries around the world.

The preparation of Beijing Olympics, received staunch support form friends of ASEAN nations, Japan, Korea and other Asian nations. Today, friends from 10 member nations of ASEAN, Japan, and Korea are invited to attend this Forum, to conduct exchanges and hold discussion under the theme of “Communicating Olympics, A Win-win for all” and on the topics of preparation, promoting cooperation, common development with BOCOG and relevant authorities. It shows your good will of developing friendship between China, ASEAN nations, Japan and Korea. I believe, through our joint efforts, this Forum will reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Next, I would like to make a brief introduction of Beijing Olympic Games and Beijing Paralympics.

1.An Overview of Beijing Olympics and Beijing Paralympics
The 29th Olympiad will be held from August 8th to 24th , and the 13th Paralympics will be held from September 6th to 17th this year. Beijing is the host city of Olympics and there will be six co-host cities including Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang and Hong Kong. Qingdao will host the sailing competition. And Hong Kong will be the Equestrian competition venue, the other four cities will be hosting soccer preliminaries. There will be 1,0500 athletes and 4,000 Paralympics athletes taking part in the 28 sports and 302 events of Olympic games and 20 sports and 472 events in Paralympics respectively. Besides, there will be over 20,000 reporters, members of Olympic family, heads of states and governments and VIPs, sponsors and over a million tourists and visitors attending the competitions in person or for sightseeing. There will be another 4 billion audiences watching the exciting Games broadcast live on television.

On the 16th session of IOA conference held on April, Olympic committees from 205 countries and regions reiterated their commitment of participating in the Beijing Olympics. This will make Beijing Olympics most attended in the Olympic history
2. The Preparation of Beijing Olympics and Beijing Paralympics
Chinese Government and its people attached great significance and offered great support to the preparation of Olympic Games. President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao made instructions to the preparation work on several occasions. After seven years of strenuous efforts, the main conditions of the Games are ready to host successful Games.

1) the Beijing Olympics Torch Relay concludes its overseas legs of relay, relay in mainland China is to be resumed and carried on in a few days time. Torch relay is the prelude to the Olympic Games. The theme of the torch relay of Beijing Olympic Games is “A Trip of Harmony” with the slogan of “Light the Passion, Share the Dream”. In late March, we have successfully concluded the lighting of the torch, its formal handover and welcoming ceremony for the torch to enter China. Now the torch has been relayed in selected cities in 19 countries, HKSAR and Macau SAR. Although some disturbances did happen in some of the legs of the overseas relay, generally speaking the relay was well received and supported by the governments and general public in the journey abroad. On May 4th , the torch reached Mount Qomolangma, the highest peak in the world. Before the opening of Olympic Games on August 8, 2008, the torch will be relayed in 113 cities around China.

B. The construction of Olympic game venues and facilities developed smoothly. Beijing Olympic games plans to use 37 competition venues and 57 training venues in Beijing or other co-host cities; in which, The National Stadium nicknamed the “Bird Nest” and the National Aquatics Center nicknamed the “Water Cubic” has won the praise and admiration from around the world with its innovative design and advanced construction technique. In early April, Time magazine published the Top 100 influential designs world wide, The “Bird Nest” won the gold medal in the most influential architectural design category. The construction of Digital Beijing Building, Beijing National Olympic Green Convention Centre, Olympic Village and Media Village have been completed, and the construction of Multifunction TV Broadcasting Tower is underway, 90% of the project of Beijing Olympic Green has been finished, these two projects will be finished and delivered by the end of June.

3) The organizational work of competition is developing smoothly, and the test matches has reached good results. Organizational work of competition is the core of preparation of Olympic Games. Beijing Games will last for 19 days, it is expected that there will be 625 match units, over 2100 matches, yielding 302 gold medals, and there will also be a demonstration event of Chinese Wushu (or Kungfu). An estimated 2,300 kinds totaling 1.4 million pieces apparatuses and equipments shall be put to use.

At present, the daily competition schedule, unit competition schedule and competition directors for the 28 sports of Beijing Olympic Games have been arranged and chosen. BOCOG has signed in-principal MOUs with 28 International Summer Sports Federations, providing the responsibilities and obligations of competition organizational work, The type, specification and supplier of necessary sports equipment have been worked out. 44 of the 46 “Good Luck Beijing” test matches have been held according to the common practice of Olympic Games. Through the test matches, the facilities, technical system, operating team and service system, and the operation chain of command have received thorough tests and examinations, the organization of test matches have reached good results and received favorable comments from all parties concerned. Later this month to June 1, the last two test matches shall be held , in order to test and promote the operation of competition organization.

4)The preparation of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies is going on smoothly, the publicizing and cultural activities deepens. The production and rehearsal of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games have been in full progress. Over 10,000 performers and production staff are busy rehearsing in several venues. The installation and trial of technical equipments, the production of costumes and accessories are in its full blast. The program to light the torch tower during the Opening Ceremony has been drafted. According to plans, all the performing and production staff will be stationed in the National Stadium for preliminary rehearsals in June. On July 10, the first costume rehearsal will be held to ensure the success of the performance.

Cooperation with mainstream foreign media has been further strenthened, as a result, the publicizing of Olympics has been promoted. We have established 500 Olympic Education Model Schools all over the country. “Tongxinjie” (united in our hearts) international exchanges activities have been held in 210 primary and middle schools in Beijing. We have successfully held five sessions of Olympic Cultural Festival. And the preparation of Olympic Youth Camp, and City Cultural Square has been in progress. On the 100-day countdown to the Beijing Olympic Games, we have held grand launching ceremony, thousands of fans participated in the short range marathon and a series of celebration activities. All these activities have reached good social impact.

5) Further strengthened international cooperation, all kinds of services has been increasingly deepened. The 5th International Sports Convention, the 7th World Sports and Environment Conference and Conference of Heads of Delegations of Beijing Summer Olympics and Beijing Paralympics and other important conferences have been held successfully.

“Provisions on the Reporting Activities Conducted in China by Foreign Journalist During Beijing Summer Olympic Games and its Preparation” released by the Chinese Government has been implemented smoothly. BOCOG released the “Service Guide for the Overseas Coverage of Beijing Olympics and Its Preparation” in May 2007. The “All in One” service has been perfected increasingly. In 2007, Media Center of Beijing Olympics have planned and organized 100 press conferences, 9682 person/time journalists from 5539 overseas media took part, a 319% increase year-on-year, attendance by journalists increase 378%. In 2008, 27 press conferences have been held, 4590 journalists from 3212 overseas media participated.

62 domestic and foreign companies have become the sponsors of Beijing Olympics. The sponsorship program has been strengthened. And the third phase of tickets sales has been launched. And the operating team of Olympic Village has been established, and the headquarter hotel for Olympic Family has been chosen, 132 hotels in Beijing and other cities have become contracted hotel of the Beijing Olympic Games. The overall client-based transportation, accommodation, food and beverages, medical services have been promoted.

7)The preparation of Paralymics have been progressed smoothly. According to the requirements of “Concurrent preparation,” The preparation of Beijing Paralympics has been in good progress. A headquarter for the preparation of Beijing Paralympics has been set up, and the operation mechanism has been formed and perfected. New version of competition schedule has been formally approved by the International Paralympics Committee.

The launching of Paralympics tickets sales speeds up the marketing of Paralympics. 35 enterprises at home and abroad have become the partners, sponsors or suppliers. We successfully held the Beijing Paralympics Sponsors Conference at the end of January. And the construction of infrastructures is being successfully implemented. By publicizing, the spirit of Paralympics is acquainted by everybody. The atmosphere of caring for Paralymics and the disabled has been fromed, relevant conditions are ready to hold a successful Paralympics.
Generally speaking, the preparation of Beijing Olympics and Beijing Paralympics is highly praised by both Chinese Government and the international society. Rogge, the President of international Olympics Committee (IOC), expressed that, “As we come to 100-day countdown to the Beijing Olympics, and I’m sure the Beijing Games will be very successfully organized.”
Thirdly, the implementation of Olympics greatly improved the development of social and economy in Beijing and all over China, strengthening the exchanges and friendship between China and people of the world.

Since the successful bid of Olympics seven years ago, BOCOG has well cooperated with the relative authorities under the principle of “Olympics promotes development, development helps the Olympics”. This not only provides good circumstance for holding Olympics but also promotes the development of economy, sports, culture in China especially in Beijing, improving the quality of people’s livelihood.

Firstly, it improves city’s infrastructure construction and development, strengthens operation and service capabilities.
Since the preparation of Olympics, the basic infrastructure construction has made great progress, and the quality of environment has been tremendously improved as well as the management and service level. Subway Line 5 has been put into use. After the finish and trial use of subway Line 10, Olympics lateral line and airport light-track line by the end of June, the total mileage of Rapid Express Railway transportation will reach 200km. As the completion of the Terminal3 in Beijing International Airport, the passenger capacity will increase to 76,000,000 from 36,000,000. Inner-city roads increased by 669km, highway increased by 62km, and 8770km of roads have been upgraded in the recent five years. We will continually implement the public transportation priority strategy and low transportation price. And the transportation in the city has been greatly improved.

Owing to the theme of “green Olympics”, air and water quality is continually improving during the last nine years. The total days up to and over second class level reached 67.4% in 2007, an 11.8% increase compared with 2002. In the first season this year, the normal blue days reaches 73.6% of the year, the highest in the same period in the past nine years. Beijing is taking measures to control air pollution to improve the environment. It has implemented the State-Four standard which equals to the Euro-Four since Mar 1s, 2008. With the support of Ministry of Environmental Protection of, Beijing cooperated with Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shandong, established “ Beijing air quality improvement measures for the 29th Olympiad ” , which will be implemented during Olympics and Paralympics from June 20th to Sep 20th in Beijing. The international air quality supervisory organization estimated Beijing’s air in August, results showed that air quality would be good enough during the holding of Olympics and would not cause harm for the athletes.

Water environment is effectively protected. The sewage disposal rate reached 92% and 47% respectively in eight urban districts and suburban areas. Forestation and tree coverage rate reaches to 51.6% and green canopy 43%. The whole city is becoming more beautiful.

Secondly, the Olympics promoted China’s economic development especially Beijing, improving people’s livelihood.
The GDP last year increased 65.5% compared with 2002, an average increase of 10.6% per year. According to the statistics, GDP in Beijing had increased from 433.04 billion RMB in 2002 to 900.62 billion RMB in 2007, with a increase rate of more than 12% per year. Local government revenue now is 2.8 times of 2002, increasing from 53.4 billion to 149.26 billion. Disposable income of per capita is 21,989 RMB, and net income per farmer is 9559 RMB, with an increase rate of 11.5% and 9.1% per year. Residents of Beijing are more well off.

The employment and housing problems are effectively settled. 2,630,000 more jobs are created these years, and the unemployment rate is less than 2.3%. Zero employment households have been eliminated in urban and rural areas. 14,000,000 square meters of economically affordable housing have been built and the house occupation area per capita is over 20 square meters in the city. More than 260,000 poor families’ housing problems are resolved. The Olympics also improve the social security. Basic aged provision, basic medical, and unemployment insurance rate reach more than 90%. 167 standardized community hospitals and 2137 community medical service center are founded. This greatly improved the civil medical condition.

Third, it improved the civilized level of the society. Under the goal of “People’s Olympics”,we hold “welcoming Olympics, doing good deeds and forming harmonized circumstance” , “ keep healthy with the Olympics” and a series of cultural and sports activities. So the humanities have being improved and people’s life is becoming more enliven and colorful. By the end of March, there were 1,130,000 Olympics volunteer applicants and over 1,500,000 city volunteer applicants. During the Olympics, there will be 100,000 Olympics volunteers, 400,000 city volunteers and a million social volunteers serving the Olympics and Paralympics.

Fourth, it strengthened the corporation and exchanges between china and the world. Since the successful bid in 2001, China is enlarging the economic corporation with abroad. There were 42 regional headquarters of multinational companies in Beijing, among which 20 are certified by the state, together with 153 regional headquarter level of investment institutions. The aggregated foreign capital is 18.36 billion US dollars, 1.8 times of five years ago. The regional import and export volume is 192.95 billion dollars, 3.7 times of 2002. Beijing received 4,355,000 overseas visitors in 2007, earning 4.58 billion US dollars in the tourism sector.

Beijing positively does exchanges with forging countries and now there are 41 sister cities relationships. Science Exposition and Culture Exposition are thriving. Beijing has set cooperative programs with EU, US, and IOC in the fields of digital Olympics, food security and meteorological research. The holding of Beijing Olympics Cultural festival per year, Beijing International Drama Season, Beijing International Dancing Season and Beijing International Tourism Cultural Festival greatly improves the exchanges with abroad.

The exchange between China and East Europe, Japan and Korea is further strengthened. Holding Beijing Olympics and Beijing Paralympics will be great era to promote corporation, strengthen friendship and make tremendous development for China and Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries. By becoming partners IOC, giving support for Beijing Olympics, some enterprises get further development in China.

The Communication and Cooperation Forum on Police Affairs by Metropolis Police Station from ASEAN, China, Japan and Korea has primarily established the international cooperation mechanism on police affairs. The Sino-ASEAN International Auto Rally (Level-Two) is successfully launched. We also further strengthen the collaboration in football, weightlifting and other sports with ASEAN, Japan and Korea by a series of communication and instruction. Especially during the period of overseas torch relay of Beijing Olympics, the governments and people of ASEAN such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam as well as Japan and Korea who share the passion and happiness of Olympics with Chinese people have all taken effective measures and launched colorful torch relay events to guarantee a great success for the torch relay in the local area and consequently further improve the understanding and friendship between Chinese people and ASEAN, Japan and Korea. Here, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks again to correlative nations, municipal governments and people on behalf of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the 2008 Olympiad.

Four, Sharing the great event in an common effort
Dear friends, the preparation for Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games has come to the final dash. In the last more than two months, we are going to fully implement the important spirit of instructions from our government with great passion and efforts and accomplish the tasks of preparation and arrangement satisfactorily at the final stage so as to successfully hold a distinctive and high level Olympic Games and Paralympics Games which are friendly cooperative events improving the friendship among the people of 10+3 countries, other Asian countries and all over the world.

We will take further action to fulfill the various priority tasks for the preparation of Olympic Games and Paralympics Games. In order to provide reliable stadium facilities for all events, the construction of stadium and ancillary facilities is supposed to be further improved. Vigorous efforts should be made to strengthen tests and drills while improve the operating control system at all levels for Olympic Games and Paralympics Games uninterruptedly coupled with further improvement on the mechanism and structure of preparation tasks. We should fully carry out all kinds of operating organization for competitions such as the arrangement of application, training and games along with the preparation for playing areas outside Beijing and Paralympics Games to offer favorable competition organizing services for athletes from all countries. We should lose no time in the rehearsal and programming of open ceremony and closing session, do a good job in the domestic torch relay as well. Aiming at laying an ultimate foundation in all aspects for the successful Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games, we will actively make propaganda for Olympics and create favorable domestic and international environment and atmosphere.

We warmly welcome all the athletes from ASEAN, Japan, Korea and all over the world to attend Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games. The media and friends of all circles are equally welcomed to visit China, report Olympic Games and Paralympics Games. Based on the principle of “conventionalism observance, utilized standards, respect individuality and detail concern”, we will further clarify and specify service standards, improve and fulfill service programs and measures and provide satisfactory services in the key areas including registration, accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, tickets, medical care and public security. We pay great attention on the services for athletes, international VIPs and other key figures. Focusing on athletes and games, favorable training, competition and life services will be provided to athletes and officials from all the delegations. It is also important to actively implement and improve reception services for distinguished guests and fulfill service plan and program for Olympic guests. Each country’s members of the royal family, head of state, chief of government, sports ministers and other international distinguished guests as well as their guests will all be sure to receive super reception and adequate courteous treatment. The service offered by all the main service facilities including Olympic stadiums, airports, Olympic villages and headquarter hotels in the Olympic family will all be readily arranged, the service staff will also work hard to increase their service skills and levels at the same time. We will provide warm, standard, effective and convenient comprehensive services for the global athletes and guests and truly offer a home away from home.

We also think high of media service. The guiding principle of “Treating media well and standing in service” will be continuously implemented while “Service Guide for Foreign Media Coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Preparatory Period” and “Service Guide for Foreign Media Coverage” will be steadily pushed forward to carry out smoothly all over the country. Further intensify and specify “One Stop” media service mechanism. Continuously to improve the functional construction of International Broadcast Center and Main Press Center, two largest media service facilities in Olympic history. With the aim of offering unified and standard facilities and services for registered media, stadium media center will be established at all the stadiums, Olympic villages, press villages, headquarter hotels and other places. At the same time, we will make the best use of our time to prepare to build 2008 Beijing International Press Center (for unregistered reporters) and fulfill various service policies and systems including accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, registration as well as Olympic news service and photography service so as to provide more convenient and favorable conditions of coverage and life for registered and unregistered medias. In a few days, we will undertake the 71st Representative Conference of International Sports Reporter Association with related departments of our government to further exchange of views and improve media service.

My friends, there is only 81 days left before the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games. We will steadily push forward each preparation task under the cooperation with ASEAN, Japan, Korea and International Society of all circles. Make more contributions to a successfully held Olympic Games and Paralympics Games with “characteristics and high level”, the development of Olympic sports, the friendly association and cooperation between China and ASEAN, Japan, Korea and other countries in the world and the creation of a harmonious Asia and world.

I also sincerely hope all the media friends keeping to concern and support the preparation of Beijing Olympic Games, broadcast the excellence of Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games, the good aspiration of Chinese people for further understanding and strengthening friendly cooperation with people of all countries to each corner of the world by the cameras and pens in your hands.

Finally, wish this forum a complete success!
Thank you all.

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