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Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
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Socialism with Chinese characteristics is something that combines the basic principles of scientific socialism with the facts of building socialism unique to China. Socialism is the common rule and essential feature of the practice, while Chinese characteristics are what the basic principles of socialism really embody in China.

Since China began its economic reform and opening-up in 1978, the Communist Party of China has been continuing to adapt the basic principles of Marxism to the actual conditions of China. By summarizing the successes and failures of building socialism in China and other socialist countries, by drawing lessons from the benefits and losses of developing nations in their developments, and also by analyzing what situations and contradictions developed countries faced in their developments, the Communist Party of China has systematically answered a series of key questions in terms of China's own path of socialism, its historical periods, its fundamental tasks and strategic steps it should take. Based on all these efforts, the Communist Party of China has successfully opened up a unique path for socialism with Chinese characteristics.

On its economic fronts, China sticks to a multi-ownership-oriented basic market economic system, with the public ownership in the dominance.

On its political fronts, China upholds a system of the People's Congress, a system of multiparty cooperation and political consultation, and a system of regional ethnic autonomy.

And in its cultural fields, China keeps its socialist value system at the core of social trends, while respecting differences and expanding common grounds.

These practices have proved that socialism with Chinese characteristics is the only and successful road China must take in building it into a well-off, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern nation.


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