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Regional coordination
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The CPC Central Committee's Proposal on the Formulation of the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) for National Economic and Social Development points to the need of carrying out development of the western region, revitalizing northeastern old industrial bases, promoting the rise of the central region, encouraging the eastern region to take the lead in development, so as to form a pattern in which the eastern, central and western regions act together, take advantage of each other's strengths, promote each other and enjoy common development.

The "Proposal" points out the way for implementing the strategy of regional development mainly in three aspects. First, strengthening regional coordination and interaction mechanisms, which include the market mechanism, cooperation mechanism, mutual-aid mechanism and supporting mechanism. Second, clearly defining the functional positions of different regions.

Carrying out optimized development, selected point development, restricted development and prohibited development in accordance with the populations, resources, environment bearing capacity and development potentialities of various regions. Third, expediting a sound development of urbanization. Vigorously and steadily pressing ahead with urbanization in line with the principles of advancing in an orderly and gradual way, saving lands, engaging in intensive development and making rational arrangement.

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