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Party construction and development since 16th national congress
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Since the 16th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee, led by Comrade Hu Jintao as the general secretary, has strongly adhered to the Marxist theory and the core task of building an advanced party. In accordance with the requirements of modern society and the CPC's current status, the Party has strengthened its competence to rule; and pushed forward construction in step with practical, theoretical and institutional innovations. As a result, it has made significant progress in party building.

--Launched educational campaign within the party.

From January 2005 to June 2006, the CPC launched educational campaigns featuring the "Three Represents." Through these events, the majority of party members received a profound Marxist and party spirit education, which further enhanced the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots party organizations.

--Improved Party's competence to rule as a fundamental task.

In September 2004, the Fourth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC National Congress issued the "Decision on strengthening the party's competence to rule," in which it summed up its main experiences in 55 years; proposed guidelines, overall objectives and main tasks of strengthening the Party's competence; and stressed that improving the party's ability to rule lies in the efforts of party building and continuously enhancing creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness. Party organizations and leading cadres at all levels took up this spirit, and met the requirements of the "Decision." As a result, the Party's ability to rule and lead has improved.

-- Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee took the lead in learning policies and organizing large-scale training.

Since the 16th CPC National Congress, the new Political Bureau set an example by organizing more than 40 study sessions on relevant policies and knowledge, which effectively stimulated and promoted the entire party's education; and set a good example for an educated party, government, and society. Over the past few years, the Party has provided multi-channelled education and training to its cadres with more colorful content and effective methods; and received excellent results.

--Actively promoted reform of personnel system.

By promulgating the "Civil Servant Law" and producing written regulations, the CPC has set up a relatively complete cadre personnel system. In practice it promoted and improved regulations and systems including democratic recommendation, democratic evaluation, differential inspection, pre-assignment publicity, public selection, position pitching, committee voting, and cadre resignation. In line with the changes of leadership in local party committees, the Party also launched supportive reforms in leadership; and strengthened the macro guidance of personnel resources through a centralized group that coordinates personnel work.

--Actively and steadily develop inner-party democracy.

Beginning with structure and mechanism reforms, Party organizations at all levels made great efforts to establish a sound inner-party democratic system, which is representative of its members and organizations. In September 2004, the central committee issued the "Regulations on the protection of the rights of CPC members;" gradually increased openness in party affairs; and established and improved the inner-party reporting system and the party system for commenting on major policy decisions. As a result, the Party has enhanced its transparency and helped the majority of its members to know and participate more in party affairs.

--Further strengthened and improved the Party's grassroots organizations.

The CPC has done much work in adjusting organizational structures; improving working methods; and creating new activity content. The coverage of grassroots party organizations expanded as their cohesion and combat effectiveness strengthened. Party organizations at all levels actively promoted education and training activities; and focused on improving the political and professional qualities of party members. Under the new situation, the Party has explored new ways of establishing a mechanism with which to serve the Chinese people, and improve itself.

--Further strengthened and improved Party's working style and deepened anti-corruption struggle.

The CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the Party's working style. It proposed to bear in mind "two musts," and adhere to the principles of "establishing the party to serve the public and ruling the country for the people." It carries forward the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic, and works for the people pragmatically and honestly. Party cadres are required to take the lead in practicing the "Eight socialist concepts of honor and disgrace;" and create a good atmosphere in these areas by emphasizing urgency, public service, and frugality. Efforts have been made to establish and improve the supervision system. Party organizations at all levels have focused on issues of common interest; and have endeavored to strengthen the anti-corruption education campaign. By reducing the administrative examination and approval rights, the Party has strengthened the norms of public power operations, and adapted the anti-corruption campaign to the socialist market economy system. The Party focuses on investigating and taking action against cadres who abuse power and seek personnel gains; and has severely punished a number of corrupt members.

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