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Hu on CPC working style
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All members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) should be cool-minded, politically firm and pragmatic in work, says an editorial in People's Daily. An excerpt follows:

Currently, all Party members should try to keep a cool mind, a firm political position and a pragmatic working style to get ready for finishing the hard missions of the Party.

President Hu Jintao raised this requirement to all Party members in his speech at the Party School on June 25.

Toward this target, all Party members must be vigilant against possible danger in time of peace. Such vigilance is also part of a sense of responsibility and urgency to finish our due jobs.

We must remember that China is still a developing country at the primary stage of socialism. The national situation of the country must be considered seriously while the courage of exploring and achieving must be cherished.

The Party members should also be their own guards against arrogance and rashness in work. Although the economy is growing soundly and social wealth is accumulating, not all the people are leading a well-off life. We must get ready for a tough work in the long run. We must remember to be modest and prudent in our battle to win a better life for the people.

All Party members should pay attention to study. Without the guidance and improvement gained by learning from books and the practices, we would probably fail the historic responsibility on our shoulders. We should grasp every opportunity to learn and improve our work with the insight and wisdom from learning.

As a big party in a huge country like China, the CPC must be a consolidated whole to maintain social harmony and improve people's lives. Thus, all Party members must unite together with utmost sincerity and consider the big picture instead of the individual interest or the interest of small groups.

Unity could be the source of power. Party members, especially those serving as leading officials, should be ready to listen to different opinions, set good examples of unifying with people and improve the working capability of all.

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