Interpretatioin of CPC Terms
·Innovation-oriented country
·A new socialist countryside
·Two new organizations
·Construct and enjoy a harmonious society together
·Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
·Rejuvenation of Northeast China's Industrial Bases
·The CPC-led Multi-party Cooperation and Political Consultation System
·Independent innovation
·Cycling economy
·Boosting "four new -izations"
·Regional coordination
·Adjustment of industrial structure
·Building socialist new villages
·Scientific concept of development
·Three Represents
·Harmonious society
 Party Congress Review
·The 16th National Congress
·The 15th National Congress
·The 14th National Congress
·The 13th National Congress
·The 12th National Congress
·The 11th National Congress
·The 10th National Congress
·The 9th National Congress
·The 8th National Congress
·The 7th National Congress
·The 6th National Congress
·The 5th National Congress
·The 4th National Congress
·The 3rd National Congress
·The 2nd National Congress
·The 1st National Congress
Files & Documents
·White Paper on Peaceful Development Road Published
·Communique of the Sixth Plenum of the 16th CPC Central Committee
·Full text of Wen Jiabao's speech at Summer Davos
·Full Text: China's food quality and safety
Opinion       next
·People's Daily hails victorious conclusion of CPC 17th National Congress
·Communist leadership urge local bureaucrats to implement scientific development
·Commentary: An outlook to be worshipped with actions
·Migrant workers striving for better life as Hu vows to tackle widening income gap
·Communists face up to problems during development, to tackle them through system construction
·Commentary: Democracy is an attitude
·Promoting the better, faster growth of national economy
·Continue to push forward reform and opening up
·China brings three opportunities to the world
·"People's democracy is lifeblood of socialism"

·Lofty ideal shining over long, triumphant journey
·Chinese Communist Party determined to break shackles on minds
·Hu Deping: Socialism does not contradict democracy in the least
·Communist party congress sees delegates from diversified ownership
·Feature: Delegate to Communist Party congress dreaming of private car, laptop
·Communist hammer-and-sickle flags millionaire's sedan
·Communist reform broadens democracy
·Historical evolvement of theoretical innovation
·Overseas Chinese, media hail China's progress on occasion of party congress
·Foreign media, politicians, academics pay great attention to CPC congress

·Hu tells as it is, web surfers comment on Party report
·Party National Congress turns increasingly open
·CPC's party diplomacy
·Socialist harmony an essential attribute of socialism with Chinese characteristic
·Holding high great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics
·China's ruling party vows to continue reform, opening up
·Red China picks up "green" line
·Hu Jintao proposes scientific therapy to unleash vitality of socialism
·Democracy -- outstanding catchphrase in Hu's keynote report to CPC congress
·Power abuse, corruption remain top concerns of Chinese before CPC congress
CPC in Brief


Three Represents

Ideological Foundation

Leadership of 16th Central Committee

Communist Party of China in Brief

President Hu on national development
CPC's resolute fight against corruption
16th CPC National Congress, 2002
The 85th birthday of the Communist Party of China
Long March spirit still important to CPC

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