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Promoting the better, faster growth of national economy
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Comrade Hu Jintao explicitly sets forth the task of pushing forward the better and faster development of national economy in his report at the opening of the ongoing 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). CPC Delegates to the Congress unanimously hold that advancing the better and faster growth of national economy represents an essential demand of the scientific outlook on development, the continuing, in-depth increase of the Party's knowledge on the law governing the economic growth and China's firm choice in the march toward modernization along the road of development.

A choice of the times, a choice based on science

Development has always been the theme in the past 29 years of reform and opening to the outside world, and high-speed development represents a most obvious achievement of the new era. With an average annual growth rate of 7.9 percent since the launch of the economic reform and opening-up 29 years ago, China has bid farewell to a short-supply economy, and stepped into a new era of fast development with industrialization, informationization, urbanization and internationalization.

At the time of rapid economic growth, however, some problems have become increasingly protruding in the national economic operation, such as the excessive growth of investment, the excessive release of credit and the excessive external trade surplus. China's total arable land acreage has been shrinking and drawing close to the warning limit or "red line" of 1.8 billion mu or 120 million hectares, an acute water shortage is menacing more than 400 cities nationwide with a water pollution turning grave around the country.

Behind these problems surfacing in the the cause of development, China has not freed itself of an extensive growth mode. If the national growth is realized at an excessively high cost, the country's resources and society at large can hardly stand. So the transfer of economic growth mode should brook no delay.

Since the 16th CPC National Congress held in Nov. 2002, the CPC Central Committee has set forth the major strategic thought of the scientific outlook on development in line with the basic national conditions in the primary stage of socialism. Endeavors to effect the better and faster growth of national economy is precisely to implement the concept of"making the people first", coordinate an all-round development, accelerate the transfer of economic growth mode and raise both quality and efficiency of economic growth. China's economy is currently embarking on a brand-new road for scientific development through transferring the growth mode and advancing the better and faster growth of Chinese economy.

Realizing new the shift to scale new height

"A shift from the 'faster and better' in economic growth to the 'better and faster'" represents the transfer of the outlook on development or the outlook on officials' meritorious service instead of merely rearranging the word order. In other words, the "faster" should submit to the "better" and be sought in the "better". Ling Zhen'ce, a CPC delegate from the provincial development and planning commission of north China's Shanxi province, said Shanxi should no longer seek the "polluted GDP" or "black GDP". In fact, the GDP is no longer a yardstick for the appraisal of government officials' performance in numerous areas of the province, and what people now really care about is the "stamina for development."

Sun Hongyuan, another delegate from Shanxi province and chairman of the Xinxin Group ltd. of Xinyuan county, said his company had expanded its chain of production via stepping up efforts to turn raw coal into clean coal and use it for coking, and utilize coal gangue and waste heat for power generation. As a result, the recovery rate of resources has reached over 80 percent for his company and that of water in his colliery 95 percent.

The capability to "repay" or support agriculture, rural areas and farmers has intensified. China's grain production has hit a new high this year since 1995, and the farmers' income nationwide rose as high as 13.3 percent in the first half of 2007.

The concept of better and faster development has gone deeper in the mind of people from the Pearl River Delta area in the south to the Yangtze River Delta in the east, and from the northwestern region to northeast China. To date, Beijing has not only raised the ratio of its tertiary trade, but made its whole industrial sector more and more competitive as a whole; the economy of Shanghai gives expression to its "epitomized structure with inclined rising efficiency" and its service trade, nevertheless, has "held up half the skies."

The Chinese economy has maintained a stable, fast growth in the past five "extraordinary" years and, more importantly, begun embarking on the track of better and faster growth.

Striving for a new stride proceeding from new starting point

The transfer of an economic growth mode is a long-term, protracted process as well as a tough, arduous task, which cannot be brought about overnight. So great caution is particularly needed at the time when the situation is turning better. More the development has been pressed ahead, more in-depth contradictions and problems will be surfaced.

China's economic strength has increased substantially with a still not high enough general production level and a still not strong enough capacity in independent innovation, said Comrade Hu Jintao, and structural contradictions and an extensive growth mode, shaped over a long period of time, have not been fundamentally changed...

"These words of Hu's represent judgments based on scientific concepts and judgments made by seeking truth from facts," acknowledged Wang Xiaoqing, a CPC delegate and secretary of the CPC Prefectural Committee of Haidong (eastern Qinghai) in northwestern China's Qinghai province.

Delegate Nie Chunyu, who is secretary of the CPC municipal committee of Luliang city in north China's Shanxi province, pitched in, "this proves our Party is more sober-minded, more steady and experienced, and more mature." With a better awareness of the situation, he added, people will be filled with still greater confidence for development.

The report to the 17th CPC National Congress has still higher demands for the goal of building a better-off society in a comprehensive way. That is to increase coordination for development and strive for the better and faster economic growth. China will quadruple the per-capita GDP of the year 2000 by 2020 through optimizing its economic structure and improving economic returns while reducing consumption and protecting the environment.

During their panel discussions, all delegates refer to the next five years as a vital, crucial period for the construction of a relatively prosperous society, and so it is imperative to implement in a in-depth way the outlook on development, speed up the transfer of the economic growth mode, and persevere in taking the road of new-type industrialization.

The lofty blueprint drawn at the Party National Congress for the better, faster future development is inspiring, and the set goals have inspired people to charge ahead courageously. Party Delegated expressed the conviction that China's national economy will surely accomplish the still better and faster development as long as the CPC members and people alike, under the leadership of the CPC, adhere to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", and implement in a conscientious, penetrating way the scientific outlook on development in the course of transferring the country's economic growth mode.

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