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China brings three opportunities to the world
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Over recent years, there has been international clamor around the China threat. However, when looking at China's development objectively, we cannot deny one basic fact: China's development did not bring any threat to the world; instead, it brought opportunities in at least three aspects:

First: economic opportunities

With the reform and opening up, China has become an engine for the world's economy. According to recent data from the World Bank, from 2003 to 2005, the average contribution rate of China's economic growth to global GDP growth was as high as 13.8% - only second to the United States and second in the world.

Today, China has become the world's third largest trading partner. High-quality and inexpensive Chinese goods have been sent to the rest of the world; and have increased the actual income level of importing countries and promoted consumption.

At the same time, the scale of China's imports has expanded rapidly. From 2003 to 2006, the average growth rate reached 28.3%. China offers a broad market for other countries and has created many employment opportunities.

Voices from the international community have stated that "developed countries have shifted their high-cost production to China; and thereby reduced productions costs. Consumers around the world are then sharing in this benefit."

-"The so-called China threat theory, in such an era of globalization, is entirely false. China has never taken job opportunities from rich developed countries. Its employment growth in the export sector is due to the expansion of transnational corporation subsidiaries in China. China's demand for foreign goods is also supporting employment opportunities in other countries of the world." -"The rise of China is not a threat. On the contrary, many countries and multinational companies benefit from China's development."
-"China is the true driving force for the world's economic development."

Second: cultural opportunities

Today's Chinese people should seek foreign, advanced science and technology and cultural achievements with an open mind. However, we understand that China's growing economic strength has created the conditions for widespread radiation of the Chinese culture. The extensive and profound Chinese civilization may revive at this stage and exert its influence.

An era of developing economic globalization and the daily convergence of people in the international community are not only conducive to China; but also to global cultural diversity, peace, and development. As a culture with a long history and profound foundation, Chinese culture has its own distinct characteristics and elements which are necessary for the harmonious development of mankind; but are not easily found in Western culture. These elements provide ideological inspiration and cultural nourishment to human progress. This is not only the wealth of history, but also of the present and future. This is China's wealth, and will also become the wealth of mankind.

Third: the opportunity for peace

Indeed, the Chinese people have a dream of rejuvenating the nation. However, this rejuvenation is not sought by means of world hegemony, aggression and expansion; but rather with complete freedom from poverty and backwardness, by relying on the Chinese people's diligence and wisdom. This rejuvenation will make China a prosperous, powerful, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country that will make a greater contribution to peace and human development.

China has made a solemn commitment to the world: taking the road of peaceful development. This will bring a new paradigm to the history of international relations and prove that mankind can set aside brutal wars of aggression; handle contradictions and conflicts among countries by rational and peaceful means; and achieve a win-win situation among countries.

The development and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will certainly safeguard world peace; and promote the multi-polarization and democratization of international relations to serve the interests of the international community.

China's development brings global opportunities. Just like American economist Stephen Roach said, "China is not a threat, but an example that other countries should learn from."

By People's Daily Online
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