Netizens hail Premier Wen's Cambridge speech

Full text of Chinese premier's speech at University of Cambridge [Detail]

Chinese Premier Wen urges Cambridge to forgive shoe thrower

Premier Wen Jiabao has asked Cambridge University to forgive the student who threw a shoe at him during his speech there this month, the Chinese ambassador to the UK said on Saturday.

In a press release on the Foreign Ministry's website, Ambassador Fu Ying said: "I would like to convey the following from Premier Wen: Education is the best help for a young student. It is hoped the university will give the student an opportunity to continue his studies."More>>

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Media reports: a man disrupted Wen Jiabao's speech at Cambridge University on February 2, throwing a shoe but missing the Chinese Premier.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Wen's speech, entitled "See China in the light of her development", was warmly welcomed by a packed and receptive international audience of more than 500 staff and students in the university.More>>

Reactions from parties concerned

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Premier Wen: Incident not to hold back Sino-British friendship

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Premier Wen dismisses shoe-throwing

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Netizens' comments on Premier Wen's speech incident

Netizens hails Premier's incisive response

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"Premier Wen Jiabao gave a detailed summary on China's current basic national conditions in his speech and proposed a number of beneficial and effective measures toward its development."


Wen's remarks were greatly moving, and that he demonstrated charm as the premier of a great power.


Premier Wen withstood the pressure, and we know that he stands for the 1.3 billion Chinese people behind him. His remarks were not given on behalf of himself, but on behalf of all of China!


I was moved to tears after I watched his news piece on CCTV News the night before. The man's behavior did not negatively affect Premier Wen's remarks. On the contrary, he let the world witness the tolerance of a great country!


Netizens condemn troublemaker's despicable conduct

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It is a surprise that there is such a despicable person at Cambridge University, we are furious.


This despicable conduct can only rouse strong indignation from the Chinese people and provoke more passionate patriotism! Let those anti-Chinese clowns who fear an increasingly stronger China tremble!


Premier Wen came from a great country to Cambridge with friendship. A buffoon did some improper things and the premier responded calmly with decency. His incisive response impressed the whole world.


Netizens: the rise of China is a historical inevitability


Our premier is great! The progress of China, like the wheel of history, will roll on. No matter what evils and demons are in the way, they will be crushed under the wheel!


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