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"Love on 3rd Ring Road" blind date bus appears in Beijing

Recently, a free regular bus providing blind dating opportunities for singles called "Love on 3rd Ring Road" appeared in Beijing.

The reporter has found the information about "Love on 3rd Ring Road" on a group-buying Web site. The initiator said that the regular bus will run one time around the 3rd Ring Road every evening at the traffic peak. The passengers should book the trip via telephones. After the information was first posted, more than 100 netizens applied for it.

The passenger should also follow certain rules on the bus. For example, two females should not be sitting together. The passengers hold a small board printed "O" or "x" to show their impression to other people. Males are obligated to change their seat every seven minutes.

The initiator Miss Gong said that her original notion for this regular bus is to provide a relaxed space to the white collar workers who are always busy during day times, especially to those who have little social communications with others.

However, the number of onlookers is much more than the participants. The number of passenger is even less than ten sometimes. According to the manager Mr. Zhang, most people have little confidence in this kind of free experiencing activity.

The operating fee for the regular bus is about 10,000 yuan per month. The initiating Web site will cover the cost.

"The regular bus does not have plan to charge now. It will go on and on for free," said Mr. Zhang.

By People's Daily Online


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