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Oracle octopus Paul to retire from soccer prediction

After predicting the Spanish national team's win in the World Cup, Germany psychic octopus Paul has become a world star among animals with his remarkable ability to tell the outcome of soccer matches. Now that the World Cup has ended, Paul the prognosticator will also retire from football forecasting.

Recently, Paul's aquarium in Oberhausen has received many fan emails and letters asking questions like, "Did my husband lie to me?" "Can I pass the math test?" "How long will Merkel's ruling coalition hold on?" and so on. They all wish to get the correct answers from genius Paul.

However, a spokesman for Paul's aquarium in Oberhausen said that Paul won't give any more oracle predictions – in football or in politics, lifestyle or economy. Instead, he will get back to his former job, namely making children laugh.

Actually, if there were no World Cup predictions, Paul would still be one of the most popular stars of Oberhausen. But since the South African World Cup, Oberhausen has become known to more people.

To commemorate his amazing achievement, the brilliant octopus Paul was presented with a golden cup honoring his prognosticating prowess and also got better food like Alaska salmon and crab in addition to shellfish.

By People's Daily Online


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