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Netizens vote against publishing entrance exam scores

The educational department of Shanxi province announced this year again that it will not publicize top scorers of the college entrance exam, which has provoked much discussion.

Peopledaily.com.cn conducted an online survey "Do you prefer to publicize top scorers?" on July 4.

There were 1126 votes as of midnight on July 5, and of those, 761 people prefer not to publicize top scorers, representing 67.6 percent of the gross, while 220 people welcome publicizing top scorers, representing 19.5 percent of the gross, and 145 people or 12.9 percent said they do not mind.

It is not difficult to see that the majority of voters hold a negative attitude toward the practice.

Those voters against the practice said the current single evaluation system embodies China's examination-oriented education that has now been turned into a blind pursuit of validation. China needs talents in all walks of life just as the Chinese proverb goes: every profession produces its own top most master. It is not only top scores that produce top masters, they say.

But those who hold a supportive view responded that to publicize top scorers is the best way to reward students for years of hard study. This will also play an incentive role to those students who will take the college entrance examination in the future.

By People's Daily Online