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Qinghai Lake ecological tourism offers brand new experience

Nowadays, when tourists visit Qinghai Lake, China's most beautiful lake, they can deeply experience its unique charm.

Walking through the long ecological corridor, it seems like you are walking through a line of Qinghai Lake's beautiful scenery. Looking around Egg Island through broad casement windows, it seems you are being surrounded by flocks of birds and sitting still on the wooden footway of Luzi Island, it seems you are swimming in the vastness of Qinghai Lake.

The Qinghai Lake Egg Island Ecological Corridor construction project has a total investment of almost 7.8 million yuan, and covers an area of 2,563 square meters and a total length of nearly 900 meters.

The project is linked with a bird watching room, which has an investment of 3.3 million yuan and covers an area of 800 square meters.

In order to give tourists a feeling of walking in nature, more than 200 photos depicting the biological resources and natural sceneries of Qinghai Lake as well as simple cliff paintings are used for the two ecological projects by the Qinghai Lake Protection Utilization Administration Bureau in order to give the projects cultural connotations and natural vitality.

Meanwhile, shopping areas for Qinghai's unique tourism commodities, antique tables and chairs, simple coffee houses and eco-friendly public restrooms have also been established beside the corridor to provide convenience for tourists.

Many French travel experts and tourists have said, "There is a good deal of natural elements in the construction of Qinghai Lake."

By People's Daily Online