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Beijing might disappear due to desertification

The U.S. magazine Newsweek has released a list of 100 scenic spots and predicted all of them might disappear because of global warming and tremendous changes of geography. China’s capital Beijing is on the list too and the city could disappear because of the threat of rapid desertification.

Other places on the list include Kauai Island of Hawaii, the Mississippi Delta, Manhattan Island in New York, Hudson Bay in Canada, Panama Canal, Caribbean seacoast and the Amazon rainforest.

According to the report, more scenic spots in Asia might disappear in the future. The 25 Asian places on the list include the Maldivian seacoast along the Indian Ocean, the Ganges River Delta in Bangladesh, Bangkok of Thailand, Lake Baikal in Russia and Gujarat in India (a famous home of cotton).

On the list, some famous European cities might live only in memories, such as Venice in Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Rotterdam in Netherlands and the Aegean Sea in Greece. At the same time, places located at the two poles of the earth are in danger, like the tundra area in Norway, Alaska, the North Pole, Greenland and Coral Islands in Australia.

By People's Daily Online