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World's largest ball-screen theater put into use in Beijing

World's largest ball-screen theater was officially put into use at Science and Technology Museum in Beijing Tuesday. The movie image on the screen is larger than 1,000 square meters.

According to a staff member at the museum, the theater has introduced the advanced IMAX (Image Maximum, super-large images) projection equipment and uses a 30-meter-diameter dome screen. The 1,000-square-meter movie image on the screen and the six-channel stereo surround sound will let the audience enjoy strong audio and visual experiences.

The theater can accommodate over 440 spectators and has seats for the disabled.

In addition, the theater is also equipped with advanced optical planetarium to demonstrate astronomical phenomena.

By People's Daily Online





据科技馆人员介绍,这个影院引进了世界先进的IMAX(Image Maximum,超大影像)放映设备,采用30米直径的半球形银幕,银幕上电影画面面积多达1000多平方米,再配以六声道立体声音响效果,可带给观众强烈的视听享受。此外,这一球幕影院还配备了先进的光学天象仪,演示恒星、行星等天体以及日月食、月相变化等天文现象。