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China's "Milky Way One" supercomputer to commence operation next month

China's supercomputer, named Tiahe, meaning "Milky Way One", is being installed and will be put into use next month in Tianjin.

The "Milky Way One" is ranked fifth in the world and first in Asia. It is theoretically able to do more than 1 quadrillion calculations per second (one petaflop) at peak speed.

As the core processor of National Supercomputing Tianjin Center, "Milky Way One" is expected to provide technological support for petroleum exploration data processing, bio-medical research, aviation equipment development, resource exploration, remote satellite sensing data processing, financial engineering, weather forecasting, climate prediction, marine data analysis, earthquake prevention, new material development and other important areas.

By People's Daily Online




作为中国国家超级计算天津中心的业务主机,“天河一号” 将面向国内外市场,为包括石油勘探数据处理、生物医药研究、航空航天装备研制、资源勘测和卫星遥感数据处理、金融工程数据分析、气象预报、新材料开发和设计、基础科学理论计算等领域内的大规模计算提供服务。