Hukou - longest stopgap policy in China [ 10:06 March 30 2011]

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The discriminative home-buying policy, charted by Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities earlier this year, which permits permanent urban residents to buy two homes, but non-permanent migrant workers to purchase only one, again sheds light on a draconian systematic divide of Chinese people – the "Hukou", or residence registration regime -- a left-over from Chairman Mao Zedong's era.

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Americans' right move to cut spending [ 15:00 August 02 2011]

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It always makes economic sense to reduce deficit spending when a country’s national revenue has been exhausted during dire times. The gap between expenditure and income should be carefully watched by the budgeters, so that it won’t place a country’s health in peril.

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What Japan's nuclear crisis has taught us [ 13:45 March 16 2011]

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The small battalion of 50 nuclear workers are staying put at the heavily damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Complex, keeping alive a hope to prevent a nuclear catastrophe by cooling down three sets of overheated nuclear reactors, and spilling water into cooling pools storing spent uranium fuel rods at another three reactors there.

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