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Thomas Barnett recommends US never go to war with China (6)

20:07, June 13, 2010

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Senior American policymakers are part way thru the change in mindset and policies, but part way is not enough now because of the Iran and Korean crises. US China policies are based on tragically outdated 20th century assumptions. Many US policymakers' mindset towards China is today driven by Cold War goals and strategies seeking to destabilize and defeat China in the now fundamentally changed circumstances of the 21st century.

America's conventional policies are undermining global security and economic growth. These include selling arms to Taiwan, when cross-strait relations are steadily improving or because they are improving, and funding the Fung Gong to creating software to circumvent Chinese internet censorship, which the State Department announced just before the second round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogues, and funding unrest in Tibet and Unger, constant military information gathering that creates dangerous and unnecessary confrontations with Chinese military forces and collisions in the air and confrontations at sea, and the many other policies that endanger American economic and national security by seeking to undermine China's economic and national security.

Today, US policymakers simultaneously seek to undermine China's economic and national security and seek Chinese policymakers' help in protecting America economic and national security. This is an astonishing and relentless mistake that was less important before the current crises. Tomorrow it can destroy the American and Chinese peoples economic and national security. It can destroy mankind, without seeking to do so. Modern war between the worlds two largest economies has been termed "unrestricted war" and it is fast, economically devastating and foolish.

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Dai Min

John Milligan-Whyte and Dai Min are the executive producers and co-hosts of the Collaboration of Civilizations television series adapted by the eight books they wrote in the America-China Partnership Book Series published in English and Mandarin in 2009-2010. They founded the America-China Partnership Foundation and Forum in 2008 and the Center for America-China Partnership in 2005. E-mail: [email protected]