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Thomas Barnett recommends US never go to war with China (4)

20:07, June 13, 2010

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New US armed conflict with North Korea or Iran will be catastrophic for the US and global economy. Military expenditures are 18 percent of the Obama's administration's budget. The US government has enormous deficits and debt that are already unsustainable at even current levels. China is the largest holder of US debt and dollars and its support for the US is vital for capital market confidence in US government's monthly debt issues. China as it should be, is helping the US to stabilize an unstable global economy. In doing so, it is indirectly funding America's military and other policies. Iran supplies 25 percent of China's oil and US armed conflict with Iran could quickly limit US and China oil supplies and cripple the US and global economy. Heavily armed, erratic and economically fragile North Korea is China's neighbor dependant on China for its oil and economic viability. North Korea's peaceful coexistence with the US is critical to the safety of South Korea, Japan, Asia's and global peace and economic growth. This kind of tinderbox of oil needs and alliances triggered two world wars in the past century.

US policymakers find it difficult to change their mindset or policies. They must immediately because of the American people's rapidly growing financial, economic, unemployment, government solvency, national security and military crises.

Chinese policymakers have understood for thirty years, as Thomas Barnett stated this week, that America and China must never go to war. President Obama implementing that advice requires healthy changes America's whole relationship with China. China's military spending is 12 percent of the US, although its population is 500 percent larger. China has been at peace with all nations since 1979 and had the fastest growing economy in the world because it's policymakers adopted Deng Xiaoping's policies of opening up to foreign investment and peaceful coexistence with America and all other nations. America must now reciprocate Deng Xiaoping's policies. President Obama must become America's Deng Xiaoping.

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Dai Min

John Milligan-Whyte and Dai Min are the executive producers and co-hosts of the Collaboration of Civilizations television series adapted by the eight books they wrote in the America-China Partnership Book Series published in English and Mandarin in 2009-2010. They founded the America-China Partnership Foundation and Forum in 2008 and the Center for America-China Partnership in 2005. E-mail: [email protected]