Most authentic Asian experiences (II)

09:59, May 19, 2010      

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Most authentic Asian experiences (I)

Asia is an amazing, mysterious land where there is plenty of surprises. Marvelous places of interest, yummy dishes and exotic cities always fascinate global visitors. However, before starting a trip to Asia, do you feel confused for deciding where to go?

Following list may help you to solve that kind of problem! Recently, the Time magazine recommended several Asian places which are worth travelling. We’ll pick up some most attractive ones for you.

Now, pack your luggage and start our interesting Asian trip!

10. Try an Aesthetically Challenged Fruit

Custard apple (Photo Source:

Location:Taiwan, China

Reason to travelling:Please don't be confused by the appearance of custard apple -- its outer skin is full of bumps. Under its "ugly" surface conceals one of the most yummy, juicy pulps on the earth.

Eating this local delicacy certainly promises a transcendental experience.

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