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Police wipe out nationwide child trafficking ring

Yang Lijuan, a police officer feeds the infants with her breast milk.(Photo by pic.people.com.cn)

An extraordinarily serious cross-border child trafficking case was resolved in July 15 through the joint efforts of the police force of Guangdong and Guangxi autonomous regions. Currently, 39 suspects were arrested and eight abducted infants were set free.

Most of the abducted infants, aged between 10 days to 7 months, were fully asleep at the time of their rescue, intoxicated by sleeping pills. The victims have now been settled in local hospitals for medical observation.

From earlier this year, there were signs showing some people shipping infants from Vietnam to China for illegal trade on the Beilun River in Dongxing city of Guangxi. Guangxi police immediately formed a special group to probe into the issue.

The case soon drew attention from the central and local governments. Meng Jianzhu, Minister of Public Security, ordered to eliminate this cross-border criminal gang once and for all.

After months of investigation, police finally detected that the organization was a well-organized infant selling network under the control of some Vietnam leaders hidden in China, and most gang members are Vietnamese residents.Now the main leader of the gang has been under control.

By People's Daily Online / China Daily
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