Birthplace of China's rural reform -- Xiaogang Village

13:04, July 02, 2011      

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Li Qianqian, a villager of Xiaogang, works at a beverage plant of the GLG agricultural product deep processing high-tech industrial park in Xiaogang Village of Fengyang County, east China's Anhui Province, June 29, 2011.

Dubbed "the birthplace for China's rural reform," Xiaogang was once infamous for its poverty, as most of the villagers had to flee their home and beg for food. In 1978, 18 villagers in Xiaogang signed the land-contracting agreement to divide the farmland owned by the Commune into family plots. Their ideas was later adopted by the rest of the country's rural areas. In 1979, the village harvested more than 69,600 kilograms of grain, which equaled the total yield during the 15 years from 1955 to 1970.

However, geographic and transportation factors set limits on the development of the village. When China's coastal areas witnessed a fast growth of industries which created millions of jobs in the 1990s, ambitious youth in Xiaogang left the farmland, heading off to work in the factories in cities.

In the 21st century, villagers are not satisfied with working as migrant workers any more, they are contemplating developing industries in their hometown. Some joint venture enterprises has brought their business to Xiaogang. In August 2009, the GLG agricultural product deep processing high-tech industrial park, invested by the Canadian enterprise GLG Group, was put into production. It is planed to occupy an area of 134 hectares and provides 2,000 job vacancies. The group's holding company, a beverage enterprise, established its Chinese headquarters in Xiaogang in June. The high-tech industrial park, which is engaged in stevia rebaudiana planting and deep processing, brings modern manufacture technology. Local people witness a new life style under advanced technology and modern management. (Xinhua/Li Jian)

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