Wenchuan Reconstruction: 'Chinese miracle' impresses world

16:14, May 12, 2011      

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The Wenchuan Earthquake, which occurred on May 12 2008, not only took away countless lives but also destroyed beautiful landscapes.

In the new town of Beichuan County, the Qiang people, an ethnic minority in China, wear traditional costumes as they celebrate the completion of Banaqia Street. (People's Daily Overseas Edition/Zhao Shuyan)

"We think we need to remember this disaster and the ruins it caused, but our memorial is to forget," says Paul Andreu, the designer of an international center for academic exchanges on precautions to take against earthquakes and relief from disasters in Yingxiu Township.

With three years past, many cities and towns have been reconstructed, and residents in affected areas have returned to their normal life. Now the earthquake-affected area shows a completely new appearance, with residential buildings rising up from the land and business streets full of clients. In addition, the local government has upgraded public service facilities, improved infrastructure construction and taken measures to prevent earthquake damage.

The business street in the new town of Beichuan County shows its brand-new look. (People's Daily Overseas Edition/Zhao Shuyan)

Local residents in Wenchuan are grateful for the contributions from the government, civil society and citizens of the country and are hopeful about their future.

The fast earthquake restoration and reconstruction, known as a "Chinese miracle," has impressed not only the country but also the whole world. In these days, a great number of tourists from all over the world came to Wenchuan City and saw enormous changes that have come to the region thanks to the effective solidarity between local people and the government during the reconstruction.

In memory of the 5.12 Earthquake, residents come to the old town of Beichuan County to mourn for the deceased. (People's Daily Overseas Edition/Zhao Shuyan)

Sichuan Province has turned the catastrophic disaster into a new opportunity. After the earthquake, the Sichuan government paid much attention to boosting cultural tourism in the region, promoting a series of travel programs, which contributed to the region's economy recovery.

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