Chinese president urges improved social management for greater harmony, stability

10:18, February 20, 2011      

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Chinese President Hu Jintao delivers a speech at an opening ceremony of a seminar attended by provincial and ministerial-level officials held in Beijing, Feb. 19, 2011. Hu urged officials to improve social management capabilities and make innovations in this regard so as to "ensure a harmonious and stable society full of vitality." (Xinhua/Li Tao)

Chinese President Hu Jintao Saturday called for improved social management and innovations in this regard so as to "ensure a harmonious and stable society full of vitality."

"The overall requirements for enhancing and innovating social management are to stimulate vitality in the society to the greatest extent, maximize factors conducive to harmony and minimize those detrimental to it," said Hu at the opening ceremony of a high-profile seminar attended by provincial and ministerial-level officials.

Hu also stressed the need to "build a socialist social management system with Chinese characteristics, aiming to safeguard people's rights and interests, promote social justice, and sustain sound social order."

A key to achieve the goal is to "solve prominent problems which might harm the harmony and stability of the society ," he said.

The country needs to improve the structure of social management comprising Party committee leadership, government responsibility, nongovernmental support and public participation, he said.

Hu acknowledged that despite China's remarkable social and economic development and growth in its overall national strength, the country is "still in a stage where many conflicts are likely to arise. There are still many problems in social management."

With a population of 1.3 billion, China is experiencing a rapid economic and social development, which, however, faces a number of "prominent problems to cause unbalanced, incoordinate and unsustainable development," he said.

"It is necessary to strengthen and improve a mechanism for safeguarding the rights and interests of the people in which the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the government play the leading role," said Hu, who is also General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

He believed that by doing so, it would in turn help formation of a correct and effective mechanism to coordinate various interests, let people express their concerns, have disputes solved, and safeguard rights and interests.

"Unhealthy practices that could harm the rights and interests of the people must be corrected resolutely," he said.

It is imperative to further boost and improve management and service for the migrant population and other special groups by building a national database regarding basic information of the country's population, establishing an improved system featuring the dynamic administration for the population in reality and through keeping improving policies in this aspect, said Hu.

In addition, the country should improve social service capacity at grass-roots level, and strengthen public security mechanism to ensure food and drug safety, work-related safety, social order and emergency response capabilities.

Other major tasks listed by Hu include enhancing the CPC's leading role and government's social management functions, and allocating more personnel, funds and materials to grass-roots organizations to improve their service quality.

Hu stressed the importance of information network management, urging an improved management of the "virtual society" and a better guidance of public opinions on Internet.

Hu urged officials and cadres to recognize the significance of social management improvement and innovation, which is a prerequisite for pushing forward the CPC and the country's development and building a harmonious socialist society.

The nature of good social management is to put people first and better serve the people. Officials should bear in mind the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, he said.

To achieve the end, the country should accelerate its social development by setting improving the people's livelihood as a key agenda, he said.

The government should speed up the development of various social sectors by developing education as a priority, promoting employment, reasonably adjusting income distribution, and perfecting the social security system that covers urban and rural residents, he said.

Moreover, the country should accelerate the reform and development of health care sector, improve housing supply, reduce poverty and promote welfare for women, children, the aged and disabled people.

"We must make sure that all people will benefit from the development," Hu said.

Vice President Xi Jinping presided over Saturday's ceremony held in the Party School of the CPC Central Committee in Beijing.

Also present at the ceremony were top legislator Wu Bangguo, Premier Wen Jiabao and other members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee -- Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang.

Top leaders of the country's provincial-level governments, central government and military organs, as well as heads of major state-owned enterprises, financial institutions and higher learning institutions under the administration of the central government also attended the event.

Source: Xinhua
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